2017 Everlast mig140 MIG welder Review

Good news for the Everlast user that new advanced technologies and strong quality made machine can afford within the great price range. 2017 Everlast mig140 MIG welder for them who love to welding. Everlast welding machine is one of the best welders for Beginners. Professional or starter both can enjoy welding through it. 25 pounds weight ensure your moving and handling quite easy. 120 voltage use with 14amp in outside. Beside 135amp use by 21V to create 35% duty cycle at 40-degree Celsius.

Think what new in this welder? Today's world best Smart technologies are added in Everlast welders. For your beginner welding profession, you have IGBT Inverter keep your welding flow up to mark. Beside Tweco gun helps to build your welding job smart. A great tool easy to set up the process. Everlast MIG welder has a proper manual includes this welder. in a simple word, they offer best 110v MIG welder for your smart welding profession!

Product Description

  • Part Model Number: I-MIG 140e
  • Dimension: 17*8*14 Inches
  • Weight: 25 Pounds
  • Input Power: 120 voltage
  • Output power: 140 amperage

Special Accessories

  • Components: Combo Set
  • Diameter Wire roll size: 8 inches
  • Standard Drive roll to feed like 0.023 to 0.035 inches
  • MIG Gun with work clamp 10 ft
  • Argon and Co2 regulator as start-up kit for your machine

The Users Like Everlast 140 MIG welder

  • DIY
  • Professional
  • Beginner
  • For Home Improvement- like door, furniture etc
  • For Auto body, Garage
  • Light fabrication Farm

The Reasons for Everlast welders for sale

  • IGBT Inverter Design for the user's safety and continuous weld flow
  • Dual Duty Cycle provide 30% at 90 amp and 35% at 140 amp
  • Weld Aluminum 24 gauge with spool gun
  • Steel and stainless steel can weld up to 3/16” thicker
  • Lightweight – only 25 pounds to move self-user control
  • Affordable price range and comparatively best MIG welder


2017 Everlast mig140 MIG welder has a great outlook for its Inverter design. The feature also so delightful for a welding job. MIG welder reviews come with top notes. Special features help you're a buying guide:

  • IGBT Inverter

Everlast inverter welder brings your joy in welding. It’s a unique feature that only offers by Everlast MIG welder. it works with a transformer. More than Inverter support generator. The machine helps to maintain your welding flow consistently. So the AC power source works better and you get a smooth output. Also, you get low electricity Bill and make durable your welder. inverter MIG welder makes fan the users.

  • Multi-Process MIG Welder Performance

It's totally a multi-process MIG. The input 120v with output 140 amp make your welding job smartly. Both make a great combination so you can weld to make shape your tool like metals at 3/16 inches. Spool gun in another hand can weld aluminum up to 24 gauge. So you can realize it’s an Everlast multi-process welder which give you wide range service. 

  • Dual Duty Cycle

Most users like to save money. Everlast 140e match your needs. It's not only cheap but also your money saver. To produce efficient t duty cycle, Best Inverter add. Everlast MIG produces 20% duty cycle when your machine runs at 90amp. At 140amp, Everlast welder review shows it can produce 35% of the Duty cycle. One thing to be sure, that your welder needs to be 40 degrees heated. So you can save money with the great flexible tool.

  • Great portable MIG welder

Comparatively lightweight MIG welder for your DIY project, only 25 pounds. So you can do your job with moving and carrying the tool in your hand. Good tool for spot fit and hand operation.

2017 Everlast mig 140 MIG welder
  • Best MIG welder for Beginners

The newcomer like to get a relative 110v MIG welder for their profession. 25 pounds to carry easy and move self. Everlast welders dealers like to add the item to their shop as beginners choice list. A beginner can take the tool with affordable price and use wide purposes.

  • Tweco Gun Special

Everlast 140 not only offer spool gun for aluminum welding. They add Tweco style gun to your versatile welding. The spools designed 4 to 8 inches which can feed with wire on metals welding. The Tweco Style gun has drive roll as 0.023 to 0.035 inches. Tweco gun it’s an Arc Welding Accessories and MIG Guns. It offers a professional level of the user. Manual or automated guns and Air or water cooled MIG guns are known as functionally Tweco Gun. It can be replaceable by Tweco feature both make a great combination which provides you an optimum result. As example for your home improvement, tools can be weld smoother like 3/16 inches thicker as your demand

  • Environment-Friendly Handy Tools

Your nature pollutes free welder comes with Argon gas and Co2 feature. AC power source works better with 110v or 120v input power. Argon gas naturally uses Tweco gun and Spool gun to control the welder function. The combination works a simple way with arc system and keeps your place spatter-free and neat environment. This feature is so unique that you have to research hard to find out a second!

  • Other Special Feature

a) Release Trigger Option

b) Flux Core Wire , Spool Gun, Argon Gas for steel type welding at 3/16 inches

c) Easy to set up – manual guide for installation

d) Affordable Price offer

Good Sides

  • Components come to as combo set
  • Simple to operate
  • 11 Tweco Tips for handling guns
  • Best welder for metal and aluminum welding
  • A multi-process as 120v/140a and Dual Duty cycle at 20%@90amp and 35%@140amp.
  • Great Technologies support
  • IGBT Inverter with generator support
  • Self Portable item


  • Measurement works in the metric system. During the welding process, keep alert when feed wire. Though smart technology has access, risk chance is lower.
  • Welder does not work better in outside like outside of the home. The user like the welder for auto body, farm and home inside tool welding purpose. I suggest you do so. If you weld outside than the wind blow can harm your project work.

Frequently Asked Questions (F&Q)

Question 1 : Is this very hard to replacement? What about the Tips?

Answer : 11 Tips offered as per Tweco, Lincoln MIG welder. Tips are offered by their supply office.

Question 2 : Does This weld Aluminum?

Answer : Yes, the spool gun includes this item as a ready feature. your aluminum can be weld so well as 24 gauge. For more better aluminum feed, you need to add DC feature.

Question 3 : What is the maximum duty cycle?

Answer: The welder has maximum 140amp, so you can get 35% duty cycle.


In the Last word, by research and price comparison, 2017 Everlast mig140 MIG welder is the best choice. You can find great joy in the featured tools. So many technology items offer this welder with standard budget range. For your DIY or professional welding, there is no second welder stands with the features. So my advise to buy the welder and enjoy a better welding life.

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