8 Best MIG Welder for Beginners

Beginner level of welder wants to get a featureful, quality made item of MIG welding machine. If you are a beginner in welding world, want to DIY welding for fashion or hobbyist than you need to focus some variable features of any particular brand machine.

  • DIY (Do It Yourself)
  • easy to handle
  • portable
  • low budget
  • Duty Cycle for less overheating

Best MIG Welder for BeginnersMost of the beginner and DIY level of welder get a study on this issues. You must focus these items before buying your MIG Welder. If you know about your requirement, features, and quality than you can easily find out your best big welder. There are several brands of MIG welder in the competition. They really offer quality service for you. But all features might not need at your beginning stage of welding. I will show you some useful features Best MIG Welder Review brand welder. By this, you can take your right decision which to buy or which welder is to your satisfaction. Let’s see some brand features:

  1. Hobart 500599
  2. Lincoln Easy Mig 140
  3. Lotos Mig 140
  4. Millermatic 252
  5. Forney 29901 125 FC MIG Welder
  6. Forney 309
  7. Goplus MIG 130 Welder
  8. Everlast Poweri-MIG 140E

Hobart 500599To start up welding profession as a beginner, Hobart 500599 is very useful for your good handling. You may look a perfect welder for your home improvement. 24 gauge thicker welding can possible by 25-140 amp.

Lincoln Easy Mig 140If your budget is lower, that try this welder. One of the best cheap MIG welders in a competition where you will get 120v power to great operates from home. You able to port it anyplace. 500 IPM standard wire make speed control.

Lotos Mig 140: Digital switchboard system that adjusts MIG welder as well as keep power control flow. A toolset gets by purchasing as welding mask, TIG torch, Argon Gas regulator which is very useful for your easy setup.

 Millermatic 252:   Hobbyist and occasional user like Millermatic 252. It’s a lightweight product for your home and auto body. It produces 60% duty cycle at 25amp. More than digital board panel add to your control the welder handsome way.

Forney 29901 125 FC MIG Welder: Flux core wire system and 20% duty cycle produce at 80amp, that is great feature welder for beginners. With 2 optical arc sensor provide your best service.

Forney 309: an Additional feature of Flowmeter and Gas hose with Gasless flux core wire helps your smart controlling. Euro connect Mig gun helps to switch off the welder in 5 seconds. Besides a proper manual for easy setup.

Goplus MIG 130 Welder: 12 inches off the long handler for easy grip. 35lb weight for easy to carry and portable facility. 4 adjustable heating pass and 2 air vent for cooling the welder. Fuse and circuit provide for your safety concern.

Everlast Poweri-MIG 140Efor user easy carrying, 25 pounds great tool develop by Everlast. Gas, Flux core, and spool gun include in the box. Tweco Arc gun added a special item. IGBT inverter control power system. If you are looking low budget welder, this is perfect for you.

In the circumstance, for start up your beginner welding profession, my suggestion to choose from above list. Its make simpler to your welding life and you don’t need to research more. Al above feature has good quality and simple to set up. So take a decision which MIG welding you want to get started.

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