Campbell Hausfeld WF2150 Flux Core Wire Feed Welder Review

Campbell Hausfeld welder is a quality manufacturer which operate their service since last 180 years long. Campbell Hausfeld WF2150 Flux core wire feed welder is a great tool for all level of users. They bring the welder which is a gasless system. The function built in flux core wire system which is not similar to another brand of the welder.

Campbell Hausfeld flux core welder a perfect for professional and nonprofessional welders. Blue color WF2150 looks smart. It’s a flux wire welder so no need to set battery. Arc welding installation method use to built the welder. Small sized and the light tool can easy to move. 4 power system used for welding steel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials. Most of the home use and Shops where it best suited for the electric board. Use 115V,70A, DC,CH — Best MIG Welder to start up your welding life.

Product Description

  • Part Model Number: WF 2150001 AV
  • Dimension: 19.5*15.1*11 inches
  • Weight: 36.4 pounds (43.1 pounds shipping)
  • Color: Blue
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Input Power: 115 voltage
  • Output Voltage: 70 Amperage
  • Installation: Arc welding
  • Battery: No
  • Warranty: 5 years limited

Special Accessories

  • 4 Heat setting for adjustment output power
  • 8 ft ground cable
  • Starter spool of flux core wire
  • 2 extra tips
  • Independent drive deck transformer

User Like to Campbell welder

  • DIY
  • Professional
  • Learners
  • Automotive industry
  • Faster Job requirement

Key Features of Campbell Hausfeld

Professional like a welder which can ideally follow their command. Campbell Hausfeld MIG welder is not a perfect one of them. it’s a flux core welding machine. So for your wide range wedding service you unable to do. Except for this part, the welder is good for the learner and DIY. There are some special features stands to start up career with Campbell Hausfeld wire feed welder

  • Light Weight

It’s a great to start up with small size welder. Without cover, 36.4 pounds make easier your welding and porting. You can transport and move the self-hand.

  • Power Supply

Flux core wire welder has smart 115v input power supply. This perfectly plugs into your home, shop and automotive industry electric line. So you can weld smoothly with 8 ft ground cable

  • Duty Cycle

Every consumer needs to know their welder has this feature avail or not. Good news that, MIG/FLX100 comes 20% duty cycle produces at 30/70amp. It saves your money and offers a vital result.

  • Thermal Overload Protection

For your safety precaution, they add the feature for your stress-free handling. New welder does not concentrate all time on welding. Don’t need to panic. Campbell Hausfeld includes the feature with auto shut down when your machine gets overheated. With this small price range, such efficient feature another reason of MIG welder for sale.

  • Welding Performance

Though the welder is not ideal for MIG welding. But it can make your steel 3/16 inches thicker. It happens by 4 heated setting function which makes your metal thicker. It’s a complete gasless flux core welder. in generally its works 30-70amp and also that time produce 20% duty cycle. So it stands a good result of welding performance.

  • Robust Steel Case

The welder built in a robust steel case. With the gree, the design makes outlook better. Strong metal makes your welder life longer with their warranty service.

  • Infinitely adjustable speed system

115volts works fine tune and make adjustments the wire speeds. wire feed welder feeds well on metal with the power. The infinite system keeps your welding smoothly ahead.

  • Trigger Activated Arc System

iI keeps your welding wire cool. The thermal overload protection comes to release overheating. There is a 4 setting function which combined works with Trigger. The result makes on your steel perfect thicker at 3/16 inches progress.The professional arc tools come with trigger activated arc for a wide range of welding job.

From the review, the learner can get a high volume of a learning curve, a beginner can avail the information and professional can use for the high-level job. Among different brands of MIG welder, the welder offers you a low price and best accessories with light features. This welder is better option to learn different parts and system of a welder. For your profession, it is a better option to practice.

Good Sides of Campbell Hausfeld

  • Easy to carry, only 36.4 pounds weight
  • Consistent speed wire feed
  • Overload protection with cold electric trigger
  • Only flux core feature, no gas need to install. It saves your money.
  • 4 heating power to match your metal 3/16 inches thickness
  • Welding machine for sale review high
  • Ideal tool for learning
  • 5-year warranty

Bad Sides

  • It’s not an ideal MG welder. some cases, gas need for strong metal welding. In this welder, the feature is not available.
  • Trigger action needs to upgrade, the function is little sensitive.
  • Wire feed speed is too fast and makes very thinner the metal. This issue needs to solve.
   Frequency Asked Question (F&Q)


  • Question 1) : Can I weld aluminum with WF2150?
  • Answer : No, this only works with Flux core. There is no gas shield use so you unable to aluminum weld job.
  • Question 2) : Can I load a 10ft spool in this machine?
  • Answer : Not support 10ft, but you can try 2ft spool
  • Question 3) : How much flux core wire comes with new feeder machine?
  • Answer : There is 1 by 2 size wire roll come as wire drive feeds on this machine.
  • Question 4): Is this good for bodywork? I want to do rust repair on the auto body.
  • Answer : The flux core wire works perfectly on your auto body metal parts repair. You need to keep down your output power and careful when feeding.
Campbell Hausfeld WF2150 Flux Core Wire Feed Welder


In the circumstance, Campbell Hausfeld WF2150 Flux core wire feed welder is a tool to get practice before entry into pro level. A tool where you can get knowledge and handling ideas. One of the best and small price ranges tool like to use at home, shops, farms. The small budget tool offers thermal overload protection. Also independent drive deck transformer. 4 heat setting make your metal thin. Though it does not match for aluminum welding, light project it can match your requirement. You can try for your welding profession and generate some new experience.

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