Everlast Power i Mig 200 Review

Everlast Power i Mig 200 comes with great quality for those who love to welding. Everlast MIG 200 is an environment-friendly welder machine. You can switch easily and get optimum weld service. I-MIG 200 has Powerful Dual-Voltage Versatile MIG Welder for 2017 review. It builds with 110 v to 220v unit. By switching you able to get great power flow for welding. Your home electric line is appropriate for this welder. 

Everlast power welder has good to use home, industry, auto body workshop. I-MIG 200 is only 35 pounds so you have the advantage to use it for home repair as well as for your car maintenance. Lightweight that enables your porting facility.

Everlast Power i Mig 200

Product Description

  • Part Number: MIG 200i
  • Dimension: 16*7.5*15 inches
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 35 Pounds
  • Installation Method: MIG Welding
  • Input Power: 240 voltage (Dual as 110v/220v in average)
  • Output Power: 200 amperage
  • Arc Force Control
  • Digital IGBT Inverter Design

Special Accessories

  • Electrode Diameter: 5/32 inches at 240v and 3/32 inches at 120v
  • MIG – TIG and Stick welding accessories
  • Aluminum weld accessories as MIG gun with adjustable back burn control system
  • Work Clamp
  • Spare consumable Starter Kit

The Users like Everlast MIG welder

  • Home User for Tool Improvement
  • Industry light fabrication better welding job
  • Auto body workshop
  • Farm Medium project

Features of Everlast Power i Mig 200

Everlast 200 has great design inverter which makes attracted the users. The welder is not only user-friendly but also environment-friendly. One of the best MIG welder for your profession

  • IGBT Inverter

Everlast MIG 200 provide digital IGBT inverter for your continuous flow of welding. It has dual power process as 110v/220v. This supports your with a generator and keeps your working flow. The Digital inverter has a good shape design which offers small spatter arc result. Besides, you have more option Stick which produces static electric power for your service. Overall side in a combination makes an ideal result that makes easier your welding job.

  • Euro Style MIG

You have Euro-style coupier offer you a valuable quick result. It supports with MIG guns. 110v MIG welder with Euro MIG gun save your extra expenses and you able to weld with a low budget tool.

  • Arc Force Control

Good news for you that you have Stick and MIG both options. So you can use the welder for metal and aluminum purpose. Arc force controls your machine with the adjustable arc force system.

  • Dual Display

Everlast 200 has dual voltage as 110v/220v. also, output has 200amp. For your smart control the machine for welding, you have a parameter. The display keeps you alert and you enable to adjust your machine.

  • Adjustable Burn back Control

There is another excellent feature that comes to MIG welder reviews. You will get adjustable burn back control feature in this cheap welder. most of the welders like to use for their DIY or beginner life. They are not so conscious of their safety matter. Don’t need to be tensed- the system keeps your handling easier. By purchasing, you will get spool gun ready.

 Also has an extra long quality wire with a spool gun. Beside it connect with automatic pre-flow and post-flow. The options offer you start and shut down notification. The combination works as a unit and makes you risk free welding support.

Everlast Power i MIG 200
  • Everlast MIG 200 welding Performance

Your best feature welder offer you have a high level of service. You have three option for this welder:

a) 15 series MIG Gun-10 ft
b) Stick Gun : When MIG works, it switches off
c) DIG with arc force compatible, make durable the welder

MIG 200 welder has dual voltage feature – 110v and 220v. The standard 240 volts powered is compatible. It can weld 1/16” at 120/240v. When your welder gets 240 volts it can weld 3/4” to 7/16” thicker when it use MIG on Metals. It can make 24gauge weld on your aluminum at 120/240v with 1/8” thicker. This welder has quality made dual voltage system so it good support with electrode diameter. When it get 120/240v that maximum diameter weld 5/32” and at only 120v can produce 3/32” electrode diameter welding service.

  • Spool Gun Ready

In every welder, for aluminum welding a spool gun needy item. Everlast also offers you a ready spool gun. Spool gun joint with MIG and it can weld 24 gauge up to. So you can start up with the kit easily and make your aluminum perfect shaped with 200amp. The spool gun is lightweight and easy to carry. By this feature, the beginner does not need to buy it additionally.

  • Look at Glance

There are other light features that help you're as buying guide:

a) Lightweight item – only 35 pounds. So you able to carry and handle self.
b) User manual for easy setup
c) Argon gas and Co2 for better welding job
d) Ideally, support for MIG Gun and Flux core wire with dual voltage power – as 110v/220v
cheap MIG welder – by comparatively offer valuable technology and tool with a standard range price

The features are so brighter that most of the users like to buy this welder. 110v welder like to use the easy and great function for a better welding job. Your learning curve will be stronger with Everlast MIG 200.

Good Sides

  • welders for sale volume is high
  • Smart advance technology build
  • Easy to set up and handling
  • Portable feature
  • Durable make by DIG feature with arc force system
  • MIG and Stick has different function which offers wide range of welding service
  • Adjustable Burn Back system for user risk-free handling
  • Quick startup kit in the box


  • Spool gun takes time to set up
  • When MIG works, Stick is switched off
  • All-time Stick not added to the box

Frequently Asked Questions (F&Q)

Question 1 : Does this welder take 32 pounds roll of wire or only 2 pounds?

Answer : This welder able to take 8 to 12 inches drive roll.

Question 2 : I would like to know what spool gun use on this welder?

Answer : The MIG gun supported spool gun (1 Item) comes with this feature.

Question 3 : Can I run this welder on 3 phase welder?

Answer : You have 3 phase of the welder. But it only uses 110v and 220v phase for your welding job.

Reviewer's Thought

In my last word to say, for your welding profession, beginner, DIY or professional – your best-matched machine is Everlast Power i MIG 200. Why not so? Price competitively standard. Offer great tools and technologies. You have to know light features. Easy to set up with consumable start-up kits. A welder should concern about the latest technology that comes to dual voltage power assembly. Its best fit in your place and works fine way. So buy the welder and develop your settings.

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