Everlast Power MTS 251Si Pulse Multi-Process Welder Review

MIG and TIG type welder is one of the latest and smart tools improvement in our life. Among the high competition Everlast Power MTS 251Si Pulse Multi-Process Welder at the top for its various application and advanced technologies. Professional or starter are looking multi-process welder with the best performance. If you are looking for a multi-process welder than this is for you.

Everlast 251si enable your welding for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials. MIG Spool gun makes your aluminum a perfect welding. It's also dual power input service welder. Like for your home or industrial fabrication, 120v to 240v standard power supply offer. Smart Everlast welding machine offers 3 in 1 welder features. By one welder, you get every level of welding joy.

Product Description

  • Part Model Number: Power MTS 25Si
  • Dimension: 25*19*16 inches
  • Power Source: AC
  • Weight: 80 Pounds
  • Input Power: Dual Voltage feature as 120v/240v
  • Output Power: Maximum 125 amp
  • Duty Cycle: 35% at 250 amp
  • Digital IGBT Inverter
  • 3 in One: MIG/TIG/Stick gun ready with DC

Special Accessories

  • 0.035 to 0.045 inches wire diameter for Duty Cycle produce at 35% at 250 amp
  • Diameter wire can save 9 programs
  • 12 ft TIG torch Everlast 35 DINSE style connector
  • 10 ft MIG torch Everlast 24 Series with Euro-style quick connect
  • 10 ft electrode holder for stick welding
  • 10 ft work clamp
  • Spare consumable starter kit
  • Foot Pedal
  • Argon Regulator

The Reason for Everlast welders for sale

  • Fourth Generation digital multi-process inverter for welding
  • Pulse MIG / TIG function
  • Adjustable MIG / Stick Arc Force
  • Hands-Free and Lift start for TIG
  • Everlast AC DC TIG welder – wide range of service
  • It has to burn back adjustment control face panel

The Users like to weld with Everlast MTS 251si

  • Best for industrial fabrication and heavy project
  • Home improvement
  • Auto Body
  • Farm

Awesome Features of  Everlast MTS 251si

Everlast welders are one of the best welders which have most features. Everlast welder review shows it has advanced technology and light features. You get most joy in your welding service. For your buying guide, some special features look out:

  • 1. Smart Technology

Everlast 25si includes smart technologies for your high level of the welding job. You have some technological function as:

a) Euro Style quick connects fitting – A MIG Torch works to quick disconnect when it overheated and fit Euro torch to adjust quickly.

b) DINSE Style Connector – A TIG Torch which works with TIG Torch

c) Digital IGBT Inverter – helps to constructional function at industry, farm, home etc place. Everlast inverter welder keeps your workflow consistent. Generator supports and works with DC arc power system smoothly. It keeps your welder self-control mode and durable.

d) 25 Series Euro fast MIG Gun - for your smart welding.

  • 2. Exciting 9 channel Programs Memory

You have a smart function that helps to remind your activities. 9 programs work to keep a record of your working. More than it produces Handy Duty cycle 35% up to 250 amp output range. It saves your time and works as a commander!

  • 3. Everlast Multi-Process Welder

Powers 251si is the best machine for your aluminum as well as steel, stainless steel welding. You have a Synergic MIG function for your aluminum welding. The size of diameter is 0.023 to 0.045 inches as flux core wire. So it can feed in depth. With the dual voltage, 120v/240v make smooth weld performance on your steel. There are three functions of welding :

       A. Everlast MIG welder  :  “MIG” which full abbreviation is Metal Inert Gas. Everlast MIG has a gas arc for welding any form of metal like steel, stainless, steel or aluminum. In this welder, Gas arc or Flux Core wire system which works with electrical power. Beside solid wire and spool gun use together.

       B. Everlast TIG welder : Tungsten Inert Gas or TIG is the best use in to make thinner gauge your metal, steels. TIG need relatively build a standard power supply and reduce overheating. Everlast ac dc TIG is a unique feature which not offered by many competitors Everlast TIG has shielding gas as solenoid gas uses to control your welder pre and post flow. You can use it for the shop, auto body or for your home kitchen sinks.

  C. Everlast Stick welder : The stick mode works perfectly when it gets tempered well. Besides the functions of pulse MIG and TIG with adjustable MIG make a combination with Stick Arc force. This provides a high level of welding feedback for your service. Stick mode is more adjusted to the system and makes auto tempered to start operation.

  • 4. Dual Voltage powered Hands-Free Welder

Everlast MIG welder has dual voltage feature as 120v/240v. it makes good flow for your welding job. You able to make perfectly shaped with a ready spool gun. MIG, TIG, and Stick types support with the power range and offer high-performance welding. More than hands-free and lift start for TIG is a great bonus for your smart welding. Its unique feature of your profession!

  • 5. Duty Cycle Produce

in general, it produces maximum 125amp as output power. At 250amp, which make 35% duty cycle with 0.035 to 0.045 inches diameter wire. A duty cycle can save your money as well control the machine flow.

  • 6. Light Weight for Portable

Looks 80 pounds little heavier. Most of the users and Everlast welders dealers recommend to use for industrial and farm heavy project and medium project for home improvement. Weight doesn’t measure a product quality. Everlast MIG 200 include latest technologies and accessories which make the welder heavy.

  • 7. Adjustable Burn Back Control System

Adjustable stick Arc force makes a great control. it started with tempered for your metal easy feeding. beside 12 to 18 inches diameter wire spool make your welder burn back control. The wire keeps flow for feeding and welds your metal constantly. The system keeps your machine risk free handling.

  • 8. Everlast powers 251si other features at a glance

i) Adjustable MIG wave Arc force which comes with Slope and fine-tunes function.

ii) 2T/4T torch trigger for your TIG and MIG welding control.

iii) You can use the TIG for measurement your welding performance with up and down  slopes.
iv) 200 amps weld well on construction metals like rods can be weld 5/32 inches.

In last part of the feature, you get proper guideline and ideas about Everlast powers 251si. One of the smart welding machine that everyone likes to use for their profession.

Good Sides

  • Dual Input Power support for wide range of welding
  • Top review welder configured as aluminum welding tool
  • Synergetic function make control upper or lower your feed speed
  • 35% Duty Cycle offer
  • High level of latest technology make your job perfect and better
  • All necessary start-up kit and accessories provide
  • Easy to set up and guideline
  • Like to construction site, industrial light fabrication


  • 125 amp only make up 110 to 120voltage. But your welder when getting 200amp, it works 240v and a great use for a heavy metal welding job.
  • 80 pounds not ideal for home or auto body, but a perfect tool for industry and farm as well as construction site
  • Aluminum weld instrument not set up – you have to set up manually.
  • TIG not added in this feature, need to arrange it additionally.
  • Price is not favorable for all level of users. But quality and technology can turn the users to rethink about purchasing.
Everlast Power MTS 251Si Pulse Multi-Process Welder
  • Questi​on 1) : Can I use the welder in manual mode? Or it is fully automatic?
  • Answer: Yes, you can use it manual mode. The synergic function will give you control switch function which helps your manual mode welding.
  • Question 2) : Can I TIG we​ld with this welder?
  • Answer : Yes, but you need to manage it additionally. You get spool gun and stick ready with MIG. The welder has support for TIG welding, but the item not includes. You need to buy it and joint with the machine for your TIG welding
  • Question 3) : What spool guns work with this welder?
  • Answer: The Everlast SM 3035 SMT use this welder as spool gun.

Final Verdict

In the last portion, by comparatively Everlast Power MTS 251Si Pulse Multi-Process Welder is the best MIG welder. Lastest updated technologies used for welder smart profession concern. A welder which give you a high level of joy with their light features. So get the welder for your job and lead a smart life.

Welder Smarter

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