Everlast Poweri MIG-140E Mig Welder Review

Smart home improvement tool brings by Everlast Poweri MIG-140E Mig Welder for your service. Now you can easily weld your home tools with dual voltage power welder. One of best MIG welder which comes to 110v welder review. Dual voltage input power 110v or 120v ideal to work for your home tool improvement. I like it green color design. AC power source with 250amp maximum output for steel, aluminum type of metal welding job. Latest technology made tool comes to your wide range weld service. Like their Everlast welders other models, they include IGBT inverter. This support with Everlast generators and keep your workflow in right way.

MIG welder reviews in comparatively showing Everlast welding machine is perfect to use in home improvement and light fabrication cases. Wonder to know, only 20 pounds weight! It makes your comfortable moving ability and flexibility. Strong technology also liked by construction site welding job. Overall, Everlast 140e make your profession brighter. Professional, home user, and even learners can lead an expert welding life with Everlast MIG welder.

Product Description

  • Part Model Number: Power I MIG 140e
  • Dimension: 17*8*14 Inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds (Shipping Weight 25 pounds) 
  • Power Source: AC
  • Input Power: 120v to 120v
  • Output power: 250 amperage
  • Installation Method: MIG welding
  • Color: Green
  • Performance: 35% Duty cycle at 40-degree Celsius
  • IGBT Inverter with Generator supports
  • Battery: No
  • Warranty: 5 Years of parts and labor

Special Accessories

  • Components: Comes as combo set
  • 4 to 8 inches diameter drive roll as a wire spool
  • Ready spool gun, size 0.023 to 0.030 inches
  • Smaller footprint
  • Tweco style gun
  • Regulator and Gas Hose
Everlast Poweri MIG-140E Mig Welder

The Users Like Everlast 140 MIG welder

  • Home Improvement
  • Auto body , Garage, and Motorsports
  • Muffler shop
  • Construction site
  • Farm for light fabrication

The Reasons for Everlast welders for sale

  • Best suitable tool for home improvement. Good to use home electric line- 110v MIG welder Support
  • Two input power source as 110v/120v and strong output range 250amp, which like to use for farm and construction sites users for welding.
  • Lightweight – Durable and flexible
  • All in one, Advance technology brings them welding joy.
  • Higher Duty cycle offer rather than other. 35% of the 135amp output and 21 input power can make a strong feature and consume your electric bill.

Special Features

Special features bring for you by Everlast Poweri MIG-140E Mig Welder. You don’t need to worry about the class of your profession. The welder makes your job smooth and perfect. For your welder research part, you need to look out some delightful features:

  • IGBT Inverter

Everlast inverter welder helps to constructional function at industry, farm, home etc place. Everlast inverter welder keeps your workflow consistent. Everlast brings own Generator that works with AC arc power system smoothly. It keeps your welder self-control mode and durable.

  • Multi-Process MIG Welder

Everlast multi-process welder can use for both steel and aluminum feeding. Your welder has the strength to weld 3/16 inches thicker steel. It happens by 110v/120v input dual power settings. Besides at 25 to 140amp its good work for aluminum welding. A perfect multi-process welder needs for every generation of learners.

  • Higher Duty Cycle

You are looking a perfect match MIG welder for your profession then you need to know well about duty cycle facts. Why so? It reduces your electric bill and brings strong performance. At 135amp/21v you can get 35% of the duty cycle. When your device gets 40-degree Celsius tempered, duty cycle works better.

  • Portability

Everlast welder review comes to the top in portability feature. 20 pounds make you self-depend handling and don’t need any transport for moving. If the need for construction site work than it needs transport. The perfect tool gives you flexibility in moving and wide range service.

  • Portable Generator

Good news for you. Everlast adds portable generator feature with inverter MIG welder. Inverter keeps your machine durable and generator keeps your workflow. It’s a standard machine which also supports the arc power source and dual input voltage. Smart technology make your profession smarter!

  • Continuous Flow Control

You get Tweco gun and Spool gun ready in Everlast MIG package. The spool drive roll has standard size as 0.023 to 0.030 inches. Which support with Tweco gun and comes to wire speed for welding. The speed is strong that you get a smooth flow with the dual input voltage in 110/120 voltage. There is tap less setting bring your best weld result.

Features are so light that most of the user like to get the welder for their profession. To make your job simply better, that Everlast Poweri MIG-140E Mig Welder is the top welder to select.

Good Sides

  • Great outlook and design. Green color makes the tool attracted
  • Offer you most consistent smooth arc power
  • Dual input voltage for all level weld service
  • Construction site and farm light fabrication – a perfect tool
  • Portable MIG welder and Portable Generator
  • Amazing level of 35% duty cycle
  • IGBT Inverter supports
  • Durable tool
  • 5 years warranty on your long-time service feedback


  • Price range is little expensive to afford. By comparison, advanced technology builds item price is higher to buy. Need to make a budget plan to catch a friendly hand tool.
  • Price range is little expensive to afford. By comparison, advanced technology builds item price is higher to buy. Need to make a budget plan to catch a friendly hand tool.
  • Outdoor welding does not recommend for wind blow – which can affect the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (f&Q)


Question 1) :The post does not show any cords? What is all with the base unit?        


Answer : Small ground cable with clamp, power cord, MIG gun comes, but it comes short item.

Question 2) : Does this welder comes with regulator and hose?

Answer : Yes, it adds a regulator and hose comes with the best quality. This used for your MIG welding job.

Question 3) : The description says its Tweco compatible? But it looks Euro connector? Which is true?

Answer : The consumables are made by Tweco. Only the gun connect with Euro feature.

Question 4) : Is this welder the newest version?

Answer : Yes, it's updated feature welder.


In the last word to say, the better welder can make your job perfect. Everlast Poweri MIG-140E Mig Welder is the best welder for your profession. Even learners can get the new concept from the tool. Smart feature and advanced technologies never feel shy about your welding performance. You might be busy with your daily life beings. A handy tool can make your job easier. Construction site or for your home improvement, comparatively user-friendly tool alike. Dual input voltage and multi-process welder give you joy in your profession. So buy the welder and make your job up to mark.

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