Forney 29901 125 FC MIG welder Start-Up Kit Review

Forney welder comes to market for 80 years and serves different tools and service for us.  Forney 29901 125 FC MIG welder Start-Up Kit is popular for the beginner. If you are a beginner or DIY on welding, the welder is perfect for you. You will get a guide sample for Kit set up. So you able to handle simple way. With 120v which best fit in your domestic electric line.

A complete package of welding tool where you will get every accessory with proper guideline. Forney 299 weight 57 pounds looks easy to handle. So you can move it too. Automatic on/off switch enables you to smart operate. You don’t require gas for operating. Its use flux cored welding gases feed wire. It reduces heating and maintains system cool. Flux core wire makes your job smoother. Most top rated MIG welder in the USA and other. Also known it as Forney easy weld 125. For the beginning journey in welding, Forney 299 is best MIG welder for you.

Product Description and Accessories

  • Part Model Number: 29901
  • Dimension: 24.5*24.5*25 inches
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Power Source: Arc support.
  • Power performance: 120volts input and 125amp output
  • Wattage Support: 15,000 watts
  • Welding Process: Flux Core
  • Welding Style: Black MIG Style welding gloves
  • Wheel type Grinding
  • Wire Scratch Brush
  • Measurement: Metric System
  • Forney 299 Made in China
  • Warranty: 6 months

Who Like Forney 299 125FC

  • Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Hobbyist Welder for occasional
  • Auto Body repair
  • Home Improvement

Reason for MIG welder for sale

  • The User like handy tool which can be ported easily. 57 pounds weight great to handle
  • All type of necessary welder kits added
  • Storage wire spool of 10 pounds weight works with flux core to smooth weld.
  • No other welder can give such low budget as Forney 299 welder
  • High quality, durability and warranty feature reason for MIG welder reviews and high sale.
Forney 29901 125 FC MIG welder Startup Kit

Features of  Forney 29901 125 FC MIG welder Start-Up Kit

Forney MIG welder has most common features that come to my attention. They are:

a) Best MIG welder for the DIY-Beginner

b) Easily affordable price range to start up

c) Forney Flux core welder

d) best MIG welder for the money

There are many light features added in Forney 125FC welder. before buying a Flux core welding type, you can like the welder for some special concern:

  • 1. Portability

In your welding life, the welder comes for your smart use purpose. Only 57 pounds give you the joy to handle. Forney 299 is a portable welder for sale and its top reviewed by the user rating.

  • 2. Power Service

Your weld can be smooth by the strong power source. Only electric cored support tool has 120v as input and 125amp as output power. So the power best work for your job. Beside Forney 299 125FC Flux core welding wire has 10 pounds spool wire. So smoothly it can feed your wire and get outstanding shape weld tools.

  • 3. Beginners First Choice

A welder needs to be friendly. Forney 125 welder has the feature. You can get all necessary welder kit and guide manual for easy setup. So it makes you stress-free. The users like it as Forney easy weld MIG welder. With the low price, you never get such a precious tool for your welding job.

  • 4.Welding Performance

You don’t need to think that low price tool has small quality feature. Most of the user like a welding Flux and Flux wire welder type feature. Forney 299 MIG welder has the feature and its known as welders for sale at the top. The welder has flux core wire with a spool gun. Metric measurement and electric corded works strongly in metal welding. The welding performs feature as:

a) Internal switch control helps to high and low adjustments.

b) 2 optical arc sensor offers

c) An automatic switch where you will get speed 1/16,000 per seconds.

d) You can make thicker metal like 24 gauges at ¼”

So you can understand how much quality added in Forney 299! A true welder with the worthy budget is a wonder to find out.

  • 5. Duty cycle Produce

Produce Duty cycle complete by 80Amp at 20%. General input power 120v and output has 125amp as power build up. For welding power range 65-80 Amps, it can give you 20% duty cycle-so you can utilize the most feature.

From the feature review, Forney 299 is a really awesome tool. For DIY and Beginner like the Flux core welding wire feature. Why not! A smart welder which give you small range price with a high volume of the quality feature. You can try the welder for your welding job.

Good Side and Drawbacks

In this world, many tools and technology that make our life and style colorful. Every tool has positive and negative effects. Like Forney 299 has alike them. lets we see some of the facts :

Good Sides

  • 6 Months warranty
  • 20% Duty cycle produce at 65-80amp
  • Highly recommended for beginner and DIY small project
  • Comes with welder kits
  • Great portability
  • Not only low budget but also has great quality made
  • Low Maintenance need


  • Industrial purpose not fitted. 120v not ideal for a large project, but your domestic job very perfectly supports.
  • Short wire feeder
  • Only Flux core wire, gas shielded. You have no option get as gas for wide weld task


  • Question 1) : How many wire speeds do on this machine?                                                 
  • Answer : In this welder, you will get a setting function. It gives you 1-10 wire speed control knob. At the slow rating, you will get 10 speed from wire!                                     
  • Question 2) : Can my Forney 299 125FC use 0.035 wire?                                                      
  • Answer : No, such kit not added in this welder, better you can use new wire.                   
  • Question 3) : No, such kit not added in this welder, better you can use new wire.     
  • Answer : It has Arc feature. For your art welding and DIY, both can support.

In the circumstances, Forney 29901 125 FC MIG welder Start-Up Kit have great feature tool. Best MIG welder has top rated and high volume of sale. With the budget range, its ideal for the beginner and DIY. 120v ideal for their domestic use. For your welding life, I would like to say, Forney 299 is a best suitable choice. So buy the best MIG welder at your affordable price and make your weld job perfect.

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