Forney 318 190Amp MIG Welder 230 Volt Review

 MIG welder is a part of technology. It comes to make our lifestyle better. The Forney 318 190amp MIG Welder 230 Volt is one of the best MIG welders for the money. It’s a universal brand product. By Forney 318 you can utilize most function and get optimum service.

Forney 318 is quite a newcomer to branded welding world. But you can get the most comfort in handling this tool. What profession you involve an employee, businessmen or housewife, you get the most feature from Forney 318. You would able to use it for your Industrial firm, Auto body, home purpose. For welding like smooth and thick, Forney 190 is perfect for your service.

Forney MIG welder is supposed to best MIG welder for home use. For your MIG welder research apart, it comes to make your profession easier. 230 volt MIG welder great to use for your home welding job. 190amps give you proper feeding on steel. Green color make the welder highlight. Besides, you will get quick start-up guide and 5/3/1 feature warranty with high-performance quality.

Product Description

  • Part Model Number: Forney 318
  • Product Dimension: 20.2*10.2*16 inches
  • Weight: 63 pounds item and 74 pounds shipping
  • Power Source: Electric Cord (DC)
  • Measurement System: Standard
  • Amperage range 35-190amp
  • Voltage Range: 230volts
  • Color: Green
  • Material used: Metal
  • US Gas Hose set up
  • Process: MIG (Gas) and Flux Core (Gasless)
  • Special Feature: Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Feature: 5/3/1 (5 years for your parts and labor, 3 years for your transformer accessories like charger or welder and 1 year for battery

Accessories in the box

  • Spool Gun
  • Quick connect torch
  • Cable wrap
  • Spool wire size: 4 to 8 inches
  • Wire diameter: 0.035 inches
  • 10 ft MIG Gun
  • 15 ft Power Cord
  • 10 ft Ground Cable
  • Gas Hose and Regulator

The User likes to use Forney welder

  • The Beginner
  • Home User
  • DIY
  • Small project job
  • Metal fabrication
  • Farm and ranch
  • Auto Body as repair parts

Features of Forney 318  190amp MIG Welder 230 Volt

From the MIG welder reviews , Forney is top rated as best MIG welder for a beginner. To start up your welding journey, it fulfills your welding demand. There are several reasons stands to make the welder different from other. For your buying tips, you can look at the light features of Forney 318:

  • Portability

Forney 190amp comes for best handling. 63 pounds offer you great joy to move the welder. It has a small size for easy carry.

  • Flexibility

230 volts DC made a function which gives you strong power flow during the welding. You have a plug option. Just joint the plug into your electric line and startup. Besides, you will get quick start-up guide. It helps to set without any stress.

  • Great Duty Cycle Range

From my experience corner, I never find such smart feature in different welder reviews! In generally the welder has 190amp output power. But when it produces duty cycle, its operation mode also changed. In Forney 318 – you have 4 stages of Duty cycle! I feel amazed to know that. The varieties are:

a) 15% Duty Cycle produce at 140amp

b) 25% Duty Cycle produce at 120amp

c) 60% Duty Cycle produce at 80amp

d) And 100% duty cycle you can get when your welder run in 60amp.

In a welder where such duty cycle offer can take your attention and helps to get the tool for your service. For your home improvement welding service, it rated for best home welder.

  • Euro Connect Torch

Your weld result make perfect purpose Forney add Tweco style consumables. It’s an advanced technology. This helps to quickly shut down Torch interchange. From the guide which helps to make an idea about Euro connect torch.

  • Strain Remove Built

Forney 318 is an electric corded welder. Electric shock may happen at any stage. But Forney makes a proper solution for you strain relief. The Euro connect Torch comes to keep your safe welding measurement. In details, it has Tweco style consumables. The welder has electric shock reader option with vibration alert. When the cable gets boosted up there may short-circuit accident. It has 15amp short circuit breaker which gives your safety. So the Euro connected Torch comes to make your cable durable and also keep you transferee welding support.

  • Upgrade Design

The welder comes to improved design from the previous edition. Where you get most joy with stylish feature like:

a) Torch wrap: Design comes as Torch wrap which adds in cable function. 

b) Integrated Feet: long Cable and welder cover includes

  • HD Cast Aluminum Drive System

Forney built best HD quality cast aluminum drive system. With the upgraded design, this function also improved and comes to as HD! What feature adds to the upgrade? Let's look out them

a) Dual Geared Idler: Full Metal Aluminum feature.

b) Drive Roll: with 190amp operate the cast aluminum function as spool gun, wire, and feed.

  • Larger Cabinet

The Forney 318 has storage space where you can store your spool. Spool size is so small as 0.035 inched wire which easier to enter the spool gun for welding.

  • Best MIG welders for the money

Top rated Forney 190amp is the best MIG welder comes for the money. The beginner or DIY most like to buy the welder for their profession. It has light features and best quality made. It has little fall rate comes. A user-friend tool which comes to your budget. Price is so affordable that most of the user never want to lose the quality welder.

  • The best welder for home use

Forney 318 at the 190amp output and 230v best fit for the household project. The home user first choice Forney 318. The welder not only perform small project but also do the medium task. You can use it for farm and ranches. From your home, you can shift easily the welder to your garage. So you can repair part of your vehicle. The welder has the best power. It can weld your steel, aluminum type of metal 3/16 inches good MIG welds.

From the features, Forney 318 at 190amp has really brightest from the MIG welder. With a worthy price range and best quality feature made it best welder Forney 318.

Good Sides and Drawbacks:

Forney 318 has positive sides. The top reviews welder comes to welder versatile service.

Good Sides

  • Rated Duty Cycle 25% at 120Amp
  • MIG Gun has 10 inches to expand work
  • Euro connect Torch keep you risk-free weld performance
  • The parts are replaceable
  • Better weld on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with improving design cast aluminum drive system. It can weld 3/16 inches thicker result.
  • 5/3/1 warranties feature
  • Affordable price range
Forney 318 190-Amp MIG Welder  230 Volt


  • Only DC supported, AC function not work for welding job
  • Item weight not so favorable for all users. But this can be handled by your family member when you use it at your home.
  • Professional user requirement not comes to on mark
Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) : What is the duty cycle rating in this welder?

Answer : In Forney 318, you will get 25% rated duty cycle at 120amp.

Question 2) : Is this welder capable of aluminum welding?

Answer : For aluminum welding, it is supported well. MIG and Flux core wire can make a combination of the aluminum weld and offer ¼” thick result.

Question 3) : Are replacement parts compatible with other major brands ?

Answer : Yes, it is compatible. Like Lincoln, Millermatic etc can be possible to part compatible.


In the last word, Forney 318  190amp MIG Welder 230 Volt is top rated and reviewed as the best home welder. To start up your home project welding can be smartly done with Forney 318. Also, you can access the welder because it has a light price range. Different tools, accessories added with guideline so you never feel stress to set up. Varieties of the Duty cycle for your best welding output result. Forney adds every necessary features and accessory for start-up beginner welder. so they can easy to build up their welding goal. The quality feature right to use for your welding. Buy the Forney 318 and make your job simple.

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