GCG Wire Feed Portable Review

GCG brings smart MIG welder for your service. Though the brand is not so popular like Miller MIG welder and Hobart MIG welder. GCG Wire Feed Portable is a gasless MIG welder which easy to carry and great portability feature. 33.1 pounds make easier to move and transport. Flux core wire feature MIG welder has a spool and auto feed dial option. This makes adjustable your system with overheat auto shutoff characteristics. To make welding profession easier, GCG brings wire feed, portable welder. No matter what level user you are, it suitable for everyone. The great feature in this welder portable facility. In holidays, you want to weld your motor vehicle or garden or at the shop.

One of the best MIG welders comes for the smart user. 120v welder can adjust your home electric line. For starting the machine it uses 18 voltage. Beside 60Hz makes your weld task smooth. It produces duty cycle exceeded to reducing overheat. Flux welding wire uses a cooling fan for welding at 55-90amp which is AC rated. The flux core wire Torch cable and 6Amp single ground cable with 1-year warranty service included in the features.

Product description

  • Brand Name: GCG 
  • Dimension: 14.5*14*14 inches 
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 33.1 Pounds
  • Power Source: AC
  • Input Power: 110v (Rated AC power 120V/60Hz AC)
  • Output Power: 90a max ( Welding range 55-90 amp)
  • Torch Power Cable: 6amp 
  • Installation method: MIG welding with flux core wire 
  • Flux Core Diameter: 0.030 to 0.035 inches
  • Branch Circuit: 20amp
  • Warranty: One year for Auto Overheat Protection feature.

Special Kits and Accessories

  • Welding Mask
  • MIG Gun with spool wire
  • Ground Clamp
  • Welding hammer
  • Brush
  • Flux core wire with spool and auto feed dial adjust

The User Like welding tools for

  • Home Improvement
  • Auto Body
  • DIY Projects
GCG Wire Feed Portable

Features of GCG Wire Feed Portable

One of the new characteristics handy tool developed by GCG. Gasless MIG wire welder comes to the wide purpose of service. The owner recommends that the welder is perfect for metal or steel welding only. 110v/90a make good performance from your home. Some bright features made the users like and MIG welder for sale volume is high. The features are highlights in below:

  • Overheat Auto Shut off

GCG is an electric tool. The machine can be tempted by overheating during your welding job. It can turn into an accident. Thanks to GCG they made a key feature of auto shut off option. It prevents you from the accident as well as save your machine. It also produces duty cycle and keeps control. The function develops with flux core wire with auto feed dial option. So your machine measures the system and quickly adjust.

  • Dual Flux Core Wire Cooler Fan

There is a cooler fan held in the wire feed welder. In generally at 55-90amp it works well with 110v. To make your system cooler, a brake circuit branch use at 20amp. The overheat control panel keeps your system cooler.

  • Welding Performance

 Your key need perform well by the MIG welding machine. 110v MIG welder manages your metal perfectly thin up to 1/8 inches. More than max 90amp helps to your wire feeding. So for your home, garage or DIY Project, you get the optimum level of service.

  • Only Flux Core Wire

A perfect tool to start your profession for welding metal. Flux core welder comes to make your steel, stainless steel makes thicker 1/8 inches. It possible with 11ov/90a. For your single project like metal welding, it is an idea to use. Like another brand, where aluminum welding feature comes-which make the price also higher. You don’t need to cost extra money. For your metal welding, at the affordable price, you can access GCG welder.

  • Portability

The user as a tool which is an easy portable feature. Like to comfort use at home or garage. GCG develops the welder which easy to carry and port facility. You able to carry 33 pounds in your hand and do smooth welding. More specifically to say, GCG has a top review as portable MIG welder. With the light feature, the user like it. Review of GCG welders for sale volume also high.

  • Stabilize Current Flow

GCG has great stabilized power control. It is an AC power constructed feature welder. When the AC rated at 120v/60Hz, the welder gets more stabilize current flow. It helps to your better welding result.

The features make the user access to their project. A light tool which likes to use for the small project. Gas free item doesn’t need any cylinder. So it saves your money to buy a cylinder for aluminum welding. Beside before purchasing, standard price need to spend for flux core welding. To build up your welding level towards pro- it’s a great tool to make the experience.

Good Sides

  • Branch circuit 20amp-which keep you risk-free
  • Dual Flux Core Wire Cooler Fan
  • Portability feature at 33 pounds
  • Torch Power cable 6amp
  • Spool and Auto feed dial adjustment


  • Unable to do aluminum welding because no gas shield option
  • Ground cable and clamp performance not so smooth and fast
  • Not ideal for 1/16” , 3/8” and 3/16” thick weld job on metals

Frequently Ask Questions (Q&A)

Question 1: Where do I get the wire for this welder?

Answer : You have 0.030 to 0.035 inches diameter flux core wire in this MIG welder. If need longer wire, than you can contact any welding supply shop.

Question 2 : Is the welder blue in color?

Answer : Yes, the welder color is blue.

Question 3: Is this DC or AC?
Answer: It is AC power source welder

Question 4: How can it be a MIG welder if it does not use a shielding gas? Where MIG means Metal Inert Gas.

Answer: In a MIG welder, where gas and flux core both options use for aluminum and metal welding. If you read the product review and features part, you able to know that it has flux core wire option. Which is comes to metal welding?


In the circumstances. Review and features seem GCG Wire Feed Portable is very useful for beginners and DIY projects. The user can get the most joy from home light tool welding service. 110v/90a suitable to operate from your home and garage electric line. Price is also affordable range. Cheap MIG welder makes your demand fulfill. Like Milermatic, Hobart, Lincoln, Everlast some welder which has offer Gas shield wielder. This need for an aluminum welding project. For this product, the price is also higher. But if you need a metal weld type tool, that GCG is perfect for you. It makes your job better and smoother.

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