Goplus MIG 130 Review

Goplus MIG 130 Fluxcore Wire welder is an essential tool for tools improvement. There are different brands and functional MIG welder comes to make our job easier. Goplus 130 is the cheapest welder in the market. The learners and any professional, DIY can get most joy to weld with a Goplus welder. For your welding journey, the Easiest to Handle and the best MIG Welder for Beginners to recommend. You get the welder as automatic feed MIG welding. Flux core wire has the proper control that makes your metal type tool perfect thin shaped.

Goplus MIG 130 Fluxcore Wire welder

The setup process is simple. Best MIG welder comes with 12 inches handler-amazing feature able your smooth welding job. Besides you get the welder great level of power saver. The user-friendly tool comes to the lowest price that makes affordable for every level of the welder. Welders for sale volume is top. One of the best Gasless Welder gives you optimum satisfaction in welding.

Product Description

  • 1. Part Model Number: 130 welder
  • 2. Dimension: 14*8*12 inches
  • 3. Installation Method: MIG welding with Flux-core wire
  • 4. Weight: 35 pounds
  • 5. Color: Yellow/Black
  • 6. Materials: Steel frame and plastic handle
  • 7. Power Source: AC
  • 8. Input Power: 110v/60Hz
  • 9. Maximum opening voltage: 37 voltage
  • 10. Output Power: 105amp
  • 11. Main Fuse: 13amp
  • 12. Circuit breaker: 10amp
  • 13.Length of the handle: 12 inches
  • 14. Max Absorbed Power: 3.6 KVA
  • 15. 4 level of adjustable welding speed
  • 16. Flux core MIG welder function (No Gas)

Special Accessories

  • Welding Mask (Size 7.87*9.5 inches)
  • Power cord Size 72.5 inches
  • MIG welding gun cord size 65 inches
  • Brush

Reason for used MIG welders for sale

  • Household Smart welder, gasless
  • Yellow painted on metal make durable and long lifespan
  • Portable MIG welder comes with only 35 pounds
  • Lots of accessories
  • Best MIG welder for the money

The User Like the Goplus 

  • DIY
  • Beginner
  • Learners

 Unique Features  

Goplus MIG 130 is not so popularly known to all. The professional and large industry looks a heavy project goal meet welder. Except for the feature, beginner and learner can get valuable learning modules in power MIG 130. Are you looking an automatic feed MIG welder? Than MIG welder reviews offer for your buying guide

  • 1. Affordable Price Range

For your new profession, Goplus is the best choice to gather experience. No other offer your such cheap welders. in low budget, home user likes to use for their light tools improvement task. The price tag ensures the accurate price level for your buying tips.

  • 2. Simple to set up

Low price welder is looked small welder and works as smartly. Installation method is MIG welding with flux core wire. It feeds automatically into your tools make a perfect shape. Beside all necessary accessories provide for your easy setup. So you need to set up before use and weld with tense free.

  • 3. Portable Item

35 pounds weight brings and moves easier. Most of the users like this MIG welder for its lightweight feature. The tools and accessories also easy to carry. Overall a perfect welder to use self-hand and work fine.

  • 4. 12 Inches Handles

You get a wide handle to operate the tool handsome way. 12 inches handler comes to this welder so you can grip perfectly. Also, you get more flexibility in welding. Other top branded MIG welder has not avail this feature. It’s unique trademark of Goplus!

  • 5. Four Level Adjustable welding Speed

MIG 130 welder has the key feature by this you can control current flow setting. There is 4 button option as Min/Max/1/2 for your self-adjustment. Remember Goplus has automatic wire feed option with flux core. So you get a proper speed to feed wire with adjusting rotary knob. This feature enables your 10 level up to speed.

  • 6. Flux Cored Wire

To start up a welder life, Goplus come to save your extra money. A gasless welder does fine-tune job with flux core MIG. It works fine welding on stainless steel and metals. 4 adjustable heating option join with flux core for smooth welding.

  • 7. Automatic Thermal Protection

When new users enter the welder world, they are not so much conscious about electric welder handling process. Thanks to Goplus 110v MIG welder! They added automatic thermal overload protection for their loyal user's safety precaution. Input power 110v/60Hz with output power 105amp good supports for welding. Besides this function, a fuse which has 13amp work as circuit breaker 10amp. The overall function works in a combination of your risk-free handling. Also, you have MIG torch with this key feature. So the tool quick shut down and start option. Key feature another reason for MIG welder for sale.

  • 8.Two Air-Ventilation

Welder machine is an electric operating machine. The heated temperature need a path to make the machine cooler. Goplus includes 2 air ventilation which comes to make your welder cool. Yellow painted side you will get the key feature. it makes your welder temperature lower.

  • 9. Household Smart Welder

Gas free electric welder which has 110v welder power. It supports home electric plug. Small task related welding for the home can be done simply. 110 volts with 60Hz works smooth on stainless steel, steels welding. Top reviews come as household use tool.

Features help you as buying guideline and you can handle the tool properly. This is not only cheap MIG welder but also the best welder for the learners.

Good Sides

  • Great tools and accessories comes as combo set and easy to set up
  • Smart Technology features include
  • Safety Precaution as Thermal overload protection system.
  • Cheap welder, among the cheapest welder, it has most features
  • Portable design and durable


  • Not ideal for heavy project, with 110v/60Hz and 105amps not give proper high level of welding feedback
  • One big lacking, Goplus has no warranty feature. So you can feel less durable. But it's not true. The welder has strong capability to do metal welding feature.
  • No gas, so your aluminum welding job is not able to do.
  • Question 1): Can I use this to weld to 5/16 inches?
  • Answer : Goplus do not promise to 5/16 inches thick weld performance. But you can weld similar type.                                                                                                                          
  • Question 2): Will this use a 10lb spool?
  • Answer : 10lb is too big, you can use 2 lb Spool for larger feeding.
  • Question 3) :  Is it DC output?
  • Answer : No, AC Output feature gets.

  • Question 4) : Will this welder has smaller diameter rebar?
  • Answer :Yes, can do this.


In my last word to say, Goplus MIG 130 Welder has great value and best tool to gather experience. You can use for your home improvement or DIY project. 110v with 105a best work with an automatic feed of metals. The smart tool comes with affordable price range so that it matches your budget plan. I suggest you buy the welder for your home improvement. It brings you a high level of satisfaction in your tools improvement.

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