Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 with Spool Runner 100 Review

MIG welder is an important tool in our life. Every welder looking for a perfect MIG welder to meet their goal. For the purpose, Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 with Spool Runner 100 come to make welder goal. The input power is 230v works with 60Hz which is very effective for aluminum welding.

The user can weld steel, aluminum and stainless steel by 190amps electric power. Another great feature would like welder that it has spool runner. So it also is known as Hobart spool runner 100. It helps to weld aluminum and steels so easy that user wants. For your welding career, in a word, Hobart 500554001 Handler 190  makes your job easy.


In Hobart handler 190 MIG welder I like it for its feature and quality. To make your industrial job or auto body job, it’s a handy and smart machine. It is 89 pounds weight, looks little heavier but ideal for light fabrication. Spool runner is a most useful item which not added in Hobart 140. To weld aluminum, spool runner plug with spool gun directly. So it makes your job simple. If you buy then you will get some accessories to install:

  • Built-in Gas Valve
  • 10 ft MIG Gun with liner
  • Dual gauge liner
  • 10 ft power cord as 0.30 contact tip
  • Dual gauge regulator and Gas Hose
  • 8 inches spool adapter as 0.30 flux core wire
  • Spool runner 100

These all accessories are easy to set and use. You like to buy Hobart 190 MIG welder for some specialty Reasons are:

1.  1.5/3/1 year warranty : Hobart like to offer their MIG welder machine 5/3/1-year warranty on their machine and parts and labor. So it helps to use it for a long time and you get most durability.

2. Spool runner 100 Gun : In the welder where you get a smart tool- spool runner Gun 100. It's only 5-pound weight. You like to carry in one hand. 0.023 and 0.035 inches wire provide. Spool runner plug with spool gun that produces 190amp with a strong lead and gas connection. By the way, your welding metal gets a new shape.

3. Featured Application: Hobart handler 190 is a feature fully application MIG welder. Its 89 pounds weight which good for the industry to use. The Mig welder has runner 100 with spool gun so you able to make smooth welding result. For your knowledge, Hobart handler most use in

  • Auto and Marine Repair
  • Aluminum Fabrication
  • Steel, stainless steel welding
  • Trailer fabrication

So you have many opportunities to utilize Hobart 190 welder for your welding profession.

4. Perfect for 4 and 8 inches wheel reels:  Hobart 190 support for 4 and 8 inches reels. The dual gauge regulator and gas hose make a combination to keep flexible. Thus you get a smooth welding and make thinner metal 24gause up to. Hobart handler 190 MIG wire welder is performed in 190amp and make 4-8 inches wire reels. So you get a balance when you work in small and low space room.

5. Budget MIG welder for all welder: Hobart MIG 190 handler offers for their welder at reasonable price rate with the best feature. For spool runner 100, if you buy another brand, you have to spend additional $215 extra. In this MIG welder, you can save the money. More than in one tool, where you get some important tool and accessories as a package. So in my views, Hobart 190 handler is Best MIG welder for the Money.

Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 with Spool Runner 100

Good Side

Hobart MIG welder 190 has many good sides. You may like to know about Hobart offer:

  • Built-in gas valve and Arc technology. It gives you perfect bead welding support. User-friendly machine for all welder like to use.
  • Built with best quality and durability. By purchasing, you also get 5/3/1 years warranty.
  • Perfect weld on aluminum by 190amp
  • TIG welder makes your welding output within quarter of minute
  • 7 voltage system, input run a 230v by 60Hz
  • The spool runner 100 offer in the package, you don’t need to buy it separately.
  • Quick select drive system helps to make powerful work and simple wire pass. Drive roll has three threaded. Two of them are wire and another I flux core. In short time you able to weld and get light performance
  • DIY, Beginner or Industrialist able to handle the machine as well as Spool runner 100


There are some issues stand against Hobart MIG welder 190. For your best uses, notes for your concern:

  • For your home, 230v might not suitable. The electric power is good for the industry. If your home has high voltage unit, then you can use the MIG welder at your home. If not, then you have to install 7000watts generator to perform.
  • Hobart 190 MIG welder is a little high budget tool. $799.00 not perfect rate for all welder. But if you want to get a spool runner in a package without expense, then you must try

Hobart handler 190 for sale prove in the USA. So you have to make a planned budget to get your best Hobart 190 MIG welder.


  • 1. Question: Do I have to do any special wiring to get the unit work?
  •   Answer: Hobart 190 Handler has 230v power as input. Before welding, you have to plug it into your electric line. 
  • 2. Question : How many amps require running the welder?
  •  Answer : 25-190 amp is perfect to weld your metals.
  •  3. Question : when open pack, I didn’t get any spool runner 100 inside. What gives?:
  •  Answer : Spool gun is offered as a Hobart own item and separates from order. Spool runner will come to another pack. 

Reviewer's Thoughts about Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 with SpoolRunner 100

In circumstances, Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 with SpoolRunner 100 is one of the Best MIG Welder in my views. If you search Best 220V MIG Welders for industrial or auto body than Hobart handler 190 is perfect for you. It quit range 230v with 190amp which produce 30% duty cycle at 130amp. 7 voltage selection, infinite wire feeds speed and many more features in one MIG welder. Best weld on aluminum. You can weld metal 24gausge thinner at 5/16 inches by one time. Overall feature and good side and drawbacks with a solution will help your selection. I suggest you buy Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 and enjoy your welding profession.

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