Lincoln Easy MIG 140 Review

To improve your home instruments and industrial materials, MIG welder is a true friend. From different brands, Lincoln Easy MIG 140 is a popular one. By purchasing, the user offers three years warranty as per Lincoln service feature. To run the Lincoln 140 MIG, voltage requires 76 voltage to 120 voltage maximum which is very useful for the home electric line. For this Lincoln 140 MIG welder is known as Best for home use. experience doesn’t matter for the user. The Welder like to use beginner for its light feature and easy setup. It provides us great versatile services.

The user of Lincoln MIG remarks it as Best MIG welder for Beginners. If you want to use MIG welder for the first experience than Lincoln 140 is ideal for your weld journey.Lincoln electric MIG weld makes your welding job simple. You may weld on steel, stainless steel, and weld 5/16 inches by self-shielded Lincoln Inner shield wire. This is a part of Lincoln wire welder. you able to weld 24 gauge steel. Also handy Lincoln 140 for your aluminum part welding. 30-140amp welding output with maximum 120v input makes your wedding task as simple as you wish.

Product Description

Lincoln welder 140 is useful for every level of the user. Most of the beginners like the tool for its feature. Lincoln includes remarkable product item specification

  • Model no: K2471-1
  • Item Weight: 73 Pounds
  • Voltage: 76-120 Voltage as input and 30-140amp output
  • Dimensions: 18.6*10.2*14 inches 
  • Three years warranty

Like to use 140 MIG welder:

  • Home improvement
  • Auto body workshop
  • Small and light project

Unique Features of Lincoln Easy MIG 140

I use Lincoln electric welders as MIG 140 by reading its nice features. From my experience, I would like to share some of the features. It would like to make your proper guideline for handling the Lincoln welder parts:

  • Light Weight

Only 71 pounds weight overall product and after packing 73 pounds. So you get a lightweight tool to make your life colorful

  • Portable: Standard weight enable your transport facility from any place.
  • Duty Cycle: You will get 20% duty cycle from 90amp at 19.5 voltage
  • Adjustable Drive System

Lincoln 140c provide a fully adjustable drive system for their user. As a user, you can control tangling wire through the drive system. By 140c you get a continuous flow weld performance.

  • Cast Aluminum Gear

The drive system helps you aluminum casting. Lincoln pro MIG 140 includes an aluminum gearbox so you get soundless service with optimum aluminum weld performance.

  • Numeric Drive System

Another potential drive system that makes your handling function easier. You don’t have to worry about it functional base. The wire system works proper way and flows from the different diameter. 

  • User-Friendly design

You would like Lincoln 140 for its outstanding design. They work to make the welder user-friendly and perfect design. So like you, most of the user like Lincoln Easy MIG 140 for home, auto body, and a small project. You get twice type Drive system that keeps your weld job handsome.

  • Dual Function

 For your best welding service at beginner life, Lincoln provides dual function facility:

        a) Flux Core Wire: it makes use of steel welding up to 24 gauge at 5/16 inche

        b) MIG Welder: It is the best to fit on aluminum welding.

Lincoln Easy MIG 140
  • Accessories and Tools

There are some handy tools includes in Lincoln MIG welder. They are:

       a) Brass with Brass Gun connector

       b) Offer Lincoln electric magnum 100SG spool gun

       c) Speed Control measurement 50-500 by IPM wire feed system.

      d) Lincoln weld pack 100 items include:

       1. Flux cored wire spool (0.035 inches)
       2. MIG wire spool (0.025 inches)
      3. Contact Tips (0.025 inches)
      4. Gas Nozzles (0.035 inches)
      5. 10 ft cable gun assembly.


 I find many good sides in this welder during my uses. These are:

  • Beginners first choice MIG welder
  • Built-in Arc made technology, forgetting smooth start.
  • Only require 76-120v input and 30-140a output, which best fit for light project
  • 20% duty cycle at 90a
  • Not only feed steel but also aluminum
  • Great technology built item for best quality service.
  • Alert system enable by Numeric drive system.
  • Great for quick tool and nice designed
  • Most portable, durable and small project target MIG welder.
  • Two knob control system. It makes your handling easy. For its known Lincoln MIG welder as “Easy 140”!
  • Powerful Handheld MIG Welder at an Affordable Price for your best use.
  •  Best to use at home


1. Gas cylinder not provide. You need to buy additional the feature for your aluminum weld as MIG welding purpose.

2. 73 pounds does not look easier for everyone. I suggest them, use a transport for porting.

3. The water not support for the generator. More than, it's not suitable for a remote site such as a farm. But you can use for your auto body shop.


Question 1 : Can this do flux core wire and plug into standard 120 outlets?

Answer : Yes you can buy 120v it fit on flux core plugin and the best result makes for steel welding 24gauge at 5/16 inches.

Question 2 : Can you put 4lb spool of 0.035 wire in Lincoln 140 115v?

Answer : Yes, it's better to use spool wire for 30min when you use.

Question 3: What size of generator need to run the welder?

Answer : You should need 2500 watts generator for better welding.

Reviewer's Thoughts

In the last part of my review, I like Lincoln Easy MIG 140. I use the MIG welder as a friend at my beginner level. From the features, advantage, and disadvantage, I like its good side. You don’t need to buy any separate tool for aluminum welding. Dual function and dual different drive system attract most of the user to get the tool at their home improvement. I recommend for your smart welding career, Buy and lead your welding life brighter way.

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