Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder Review

There are several brands of MIG welder for your service. One of the best feature MIG welders is Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder. MIG welder comes to make our lifestyle development. For your home, industry or Auto body parts and metal welding, A MIG welder is a compulsory item. You can fix and repair parts easily. 

Well, a reputed organization of Lincoln comes to the market for 120 years and devine best electric service with great popularity. In their MIG welder where you get under Best 110V MIG Welders. K2185-1 of Lincoln MIG welder best fit on Home electric line and use 115v input power. The power source generates from the corded electric system.

Most of the user in the USA and abroad like to use Lincoln electric welders. For the beginner welder, its first choice for them. If you are a beginner, then you also like Lincoln handy MIG. You able to do small task of welding in a simple way. Indoor chart option makes your welder handling smoother. More than 4 voltage power system, a cooling fan for reducing overheating and gas welding and much more outstanding features for your service provided by Lincoln Electric MIG welder. In a simple word, Lincoln welder K2185-1 idle to know as Best for Beginner MIG welder.

Product Description

Lincoln welding machine is a very a Powerful, Compact, and Portable MIG Welder for home and industry. Best For Beginner welder to get flexible use. Different MIG welder for your service. But Lincoln welders for sale rate in the USA and others are higher. There are some features that help to compare yourself to handy MIG welder:

Product Information:

  • Input Power 115v, best fit for home improvement
  • Only 26-pound weight
  • Measurement system as metric​​​
  • Dimension is 18*10.3*16.8 inches
  • Made in the USA
  • 1-year warranty


  • Gun and cable assembly with Work cable and clamp
  • Gas regulator
  • Spool of solid wire
  • Contact tips and hand shield with flitter plate
  • 6 ft Flux core wire

Best fit for welding:

  • Home requirement
  • For hobbyist and Beginner choice
  • Use glasses and flux core wire for welding any metal like steel, aluminum etc.


1. Portable facility: Lincoln electric handy MIG known as for its lightweight. 26 pounds helps your handling and porting facility.

2 . Fan Cooling System: To keep your machine system cool, Lincoln handy MIG welder add fan cooling system. So you handle with transferee and get smooth welding result.

3. Continuous Wire Feed Adjustment: k-2185-1 Lincoln MIG welder where you get continuous wire feed system. It not only adjust but also make speedy your process. Lincoln wire feed welder where flux core and MIG use with gas hose. With 35-88 amp output power result stand a perfect wire feed adjustment.

4 . Voltage Power System: Lincoln K-2185-1 offer you 4 voltage power system. Best fit in home electric line by 115v and output get 20amp. Beside 35-88amp produce 20% Duty cycle at 70amps. Strong voltage unit makes Lincoln electric handy MIG welder. it helps to weld 24gauge steel up to 1/8 inches thicker. For this gas shield use to make your metal thicker.

5. Cold Contactor Safety: You get trigger gun system to self-control the Lincoln MIG welder K2185-1. Think about how? Well, Lincoln adds colder contactor for your safety concern. You can control the switch. When the welder gets tempered, you can turn off and make safety yourself and your machine.

6. Budget Match MIG Welder: There is popular MIG welder like MIllermatic, Hobart and Everlast different model which price much higher. In Lincoln welders for sale price volume is lower. You able to buy the MIG welder from Best cheap MIG welder for under $300. You need to add some extra from the range and enjoy a smart welder life with Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG welder.

7. Warranty and Many More Exciting Feature: By purchasing, you get a 1-year warranty on Lincoln welder parts and labor. Besides you get MIG gun, Clamp cable, flux core wire, a spool of wire, gas hose and many more items. It keeps you from additional purchasing as accessories.

Good Sides and Bad Sides

Lincoln K-2185-1 is a handy MIG welder. I like it's for great versatility and functional quality. K-2185-1 is my Beginner level welder where I find many positive sides rather than negative issues. For your buying tips, I would like to express my use experience:

Good Sides:

  • Lincoln K-2185-1 is a user-friendly MIG welder. You get joy to use from your home.
  • Beginner level of welders first choice.
  • Lots of extra feature for you. As an example : 6 contact tips of each has ( 0.035 and 0.025 inches ) 3lb spool ( no 1 size is 0.035 and rest 2 has 0.025 inches) , hammer brush , gas hose with shield and flux core type of many more items. It makes you're set up and operates easier.
  • Fan cooler system makes your welder durable.
  • Portable facility enable. I use the welder not only my home but also use at my car part repair. So you can port it anywhere.
  • Lightweight
  • By 35-88 amp output power produces 20% duty cycle get at 70amp.
  • Affordable Price


  • Metal only weld up to 1/8 inches, where another welder can weld up to 3/8 to 3/16 inches
  • Industrial purpose not suitable for its 115v power.
  • Only 4 voltage power system.


  • Question : What are the limitation of this welder? Can I weld ¼ inches of steel?
  • Answer : It has the limitation that you able to weld on your steel up 1/8 inches.
  • Question : Does this welder come with a regulator?
  • Answer : General single Regulator comes to the welder as a basic component.
  • Question : Is this strictly a flux core welder? Can I use gas?
  • Answer : Good question. From my experience , I found the Lincoln handy welder as gas welding. But feature part , you can use both. 

Reviewer's Thoughts 

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder is one of the best beginner MIG welders in the market. I used the welder for several years. From the good side and drawbacks, I get most service and face little problems. It never disappoints my welding job. I would like to advise you to make your welding profession with Lincoln K02185-1 at standard price and grow experience. The best feature on a low budget, with great probability facility, helps to build your welding life and tools simple and smart.

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