Lincoln electric MIG Welder Handheld 180C 230V Review

We like to develop our household materials as well as industrial instruments. Like the type of development concern, MIG welder comes to the market with great utilities. Lincoln electric MIG Welder Handheld 180C 230V is a delightful product for the welder. Lincoln MIG welder produces several models for their service brands. Like 140, they introduce 180 amp MIG welder in their banner. For your industrial requirement of welding, Lincoln electric 180 is an ideal item. Input power has 208/230v which make your welding result smoother.

Lincoln electric MIG Welder Handheld 180C 230V

 In your industrial metal like steel, stainless steel and aluminum can weld with Lincoln electric 180 MIG welder. It formates as power MIG Lincoln 180c for its continuous workflow. The flow you will get from two types of MIG and flux core wire. Most of the user from the USA and other, like the Lincoln 180 MIG welder for its handy, quality and portable feature. 80.7-pound weight item offers 180a service, which is perfect to use for your industrial equipment.

Product Description:

  • Model No: K2473-2
  • Install for: Spot welding
  • Height: 14”
  • Width: 10.15”
  • Weight: 80.7 pounds
  • MIG and Flux core

Best to use Lincoln MIG 180

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Auto body and industry materials maintenance
  • Farm
  • Heavy project, like industry with 208/230v with 180a
  • Suitable for the industry.

Unique Feature

Lincoln built the model with their best quality and service. Most users like Lincoln welders for their best features. In Lincoln electric MIG Welder Handheld 180C 230V, they add some great features for your smooth welding performance:

  • Adjustable Drive System

Lincoln 180 MIG has adjustable drive system offer for your smart use. This helps to minimize wire crushing and accident case.

  • Numeric Drive System

Like Lincoln 140, in the Lincoln power MIG 180c add the numeric drive system to make your weld perfect. You have an alert indicator, so it keeps your notification. Different wire diameters enable your smart and smooth welding.

  • Cast Aluminum Drive System

You like to use easy MIG 180 in your industry as for heavy projects. Aluminum weld perfectly. Lincoln added dual gear-driven roll for a high level of result. Split wire guide for your easy wire alignment and conduct electric line. More than the MIG helps you aluminum welding right way.

  • Spool Gun

By purchasing, you will get spool gun as an extra feature item. The spool gun 100SG use as a plug with your Lincoln power MIG 180. It helps to feed aluminum perfect shape. Spool gun makes Lincoln wire feed welder smart.

  • Diamond Core Technology

Lincoln MIG welder develops with the best quality technology. Lincoln uses Forgiving Arc technology. It offers you small range spatter and dual option 208/230v power for your spot welding. Great technology makes the welder like HD level performance. So user likes to call it as Lincoln 180 HD.

  • Welding Performance

Like 140, in 180use the dual function for the welding process.

a) Flux Core Wire: 2 knob spool it makes use of 24gauge steel welding up to 3/16 inches thicker.

b) MIG Welder: It is the best to fit on aluminum welding.

  • Duty Cycle

Lincoln was known as Easy MIG and its performance optimum. 180a offers 30% duty cycle at 130a. With this, you able to weld easily 3/16 inches thicker steel.

  • Strong PC Board Protection for Industry

Lincoln 180 known as easy MIG, for its eco-friendly mode. You have offer plastic tray where you manage rigid from inner part. More than it keeps you accident-free by providing shock resistant. So you become transferee to handle with joy.

  • Useful Accessories for Easy Set up

There are some extra items add in
a) Brass with Brass Gun
b) 10 ft work clamp
c) Learn to weld DVD as for your guide manual

Lincoln electric MIG Welder Handheld 180C 230V

Good Sides

Lincoln 180 is really Easy MIG in my views. I like it for many reasons

  • Perfect MIG welder for Industrial Heavy project
  • High voltage suitable for industry input and output
  • 30% duty cycle with spool gun ready
  • User safety precaution added
  • Dual function of steel and aluminum weld
  • Necessary accessories provide in the box for easy setup
  • DVD add for welding practice
  • Higher Arc performance in 180c, that offer continuous flow of work
  • User-friendly, Eco-friendly and durable service
  • 3 years warranty service


Lincoln 180 has little demerits. When I use the tool, I face some points such as:

1. Price is a matter for the user. High price level not affordable for all category of users. Though high rate, I buy the welder for its feature. My investment turns around me when I get a result. Feature are truly talked about welding performance. For your sense, you need to make a budget plan to buy Lincoln 180 MIG welder for your smart industrial purpose.

2. 180A not sufficient for high-level to weld performance.

3. 80.7 pounds difficult to carry self and handling. You need to use transport for porting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 : Can you weld up to 1/4” steel with this welder?

Answer: Yes, the steel can weld easily up to 1/4”.

Question 2 : Needs Gas Cylinder? Or works with Gas?

Answer: The flux core wire use without gas for aluminum welding. In the welder, where you can use both features for your welding.

Question 3 : whats difference between Lincoln 180 and 180c?

Answer : Lincoln 180 where you get unlimited heating when you set click heat option. In 180c which is built with a higher level of quality. It helps to weld 1/8”.


In the last word, I like to inform you that Lincoln electric MIG Welder Handheld 180C 230V is one of the best items in the welded section. I get most useful features. Large farm, industry , auto body users like it for great fabrication and smart weld performance. Price and weight can be an issue for your buying the tool. I suggest you, buy an eco-friendly handy pro MIG 180 for your heavy project. It will never disappoint you. Light features, quality, and smart technology will make your welding profession wonderful.

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