Lincoln Electric Power MIG 216 Review

MIG welder comes to make our life beautiful. MIG and TIG welder use for different purposes. Lincoln Electric Power MIG 216 is a great innovative welder for every category of uses. Lincoln introduce Power MIG 216 series which consist MIG and flux core. You can mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials by Lincoln MIG 216. 220/230/240 input Voltage give your welding result smoother. So you can set up MIG 216 for your home, fabrication in auto body. The MIG processor and Flux cord make optimum power that ensures your workflow.

Lincoln power MIG is worked with strong input and output power service. By purchase Lincoln power MIG 210, you will get different smart Lincoln developed technology functions. So you able to operate the tool easily. 230v is standard input power which is great work for your industry and auto body. Wheel mount Lincoln 216 is easy to port.

Product Description

  • Model No: K2816-2
  • Item Weight: 206 Pounds
  • Power Source: corded electric
  • Voltage: 230v
  • Height: 32.56 inches
  • Width: 19.15 inches
  • Installation Type: MIG
  • Porting Option: Wheeled

Best to Use Lincoln welding machine

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Auto Body parts repairmen
  • Farm and Industry light project
  • Home improvement

Added Accessories for Install Lincoln 216

Lincoln welder parts include for your easy install and handling the welding machine

  • 10 ft work clamp
  • 10 ft 230v input power cable wire
  • 15 ft quick connect equipment
  • 250l Magnum Gun
  • Drive roll 0.035” and Guide for wiring 0.045”
  • Gas Regulator and Hose Kit
  • CO2 shielding gas
  • Large color coded
  • Top mounted gun
  • Easy load Gas Cylinder

Lincoln MIG welder parts make its overall function best fit for perfect welding for your service.

Key Features of Lincoln Electric Power MIG 216

Lincoln electric MIG welder is a popular brand and offers great service for a long time. In their Lincoln 216, has great features that most user like to used Lincoln welders:

  •   Built-in Smart Technology

Lincoln 216 developed with forgiving arc technologies. The best advance tech they use for your easy handing. They are:

  • A.Diamond Core Technology

A Strong feature of Arc made Lincoln electric welders best to work for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding. This happened by the different option of the input voltage power system.

  • B. MAXTRAC Cast Aluminum

All welder does not perform on aluminum welding. In Lincoln 216, where Lincoln welding wire will give you best performance. For your industrial welding, you have cast aluminum wire drive to speed control, regulated wire and split wire guide system under MAXTRAC Cast Aluminum.

  • C. Dual Driven Drive Rolls

Lincoln wire welder built in dual driven rolls. It has two functions:

MIG: Best fit to weld on steel and stainless steel, light fabrication at the auto body, industry.

Flux core: ideal to work on aluminum welding.

Lincoln Electric Power MIG 216
  •  Ready Spool Gun

To handle Lincoln 216, you will get ready spool gun as Pro Magnum 100SG (Spool Gun). The SG smart work in your aluminum wire feeding.

  • Wide input and output service

From the input function where you can operate by 230v as standard power and as input 30-250amp which make your welding job outstanding.

  • Top Mounted Gun

By purchasing, you will get an extra feature of the expandable tray. In this tray helps your working process quick.

  • Seven Tapped voltage Knob

High electric power system joint with 7 voltage knob. It commands your MIG 216 application right way to proceed.

  • Call Claw

In the Lincoln 216, there is a Cable Management function. That makes your environment clean and you find joy to use.

  • Other Features

There are extra item offer for easy handle the Lincoln 216:

Gun to Gun Brush connection system
Gun Trigger
Split wir
e guide system.

Good Sides

I like it features for many reasons. By comparison with another model of Lincoln 225 welder and Lincoln power MIG 256, the 216 is much easier and low budget tool with versatile service.

  • Great to use in the auto body, light fabrication.
  • For your industrial purpose, it’s a suitable budget investment and durable tool
  • Wide range 230v and 30-250a which make your welding speedy and furnishing result at great level
  • Different level of advanced technology made Lincoln 216 for industrial welding
  • I like Call Claw cable management which makes my place cleaner and I have to little work after welding. It has top mount expandable tray which makes my task simpler.
  • Perfect weld on aluminum
  • Metal can be thicker by gas shielding as 1/2” up to by welding
  • Useful tools and accessories help to easy setup. More than split wire guide is like a bonus offer by MAXTRAC Cast Aluminum for my welding job.
  • All metal case front.
  • Wheel mount for moving


1. Lincoln 216 is an industrial item and investors need a strong budget. I find a major issue on Lincoln 216 price. For your industrial welding, you have to think for your heavy-duty project welding. For durable and heavy metal, aluminum, fabrication you need a strong MIG welder. For this many industries rated the Lincoln welders for sale.

2. Another issue you may face for porting. 206 pounds general weight and after packing it will be 243 pounds (approx). But when you think about your industry welding, you need a transport for shifting or moving. So I hope this issue no more matter for your service.


  • Question 1 : How thick can you weld this?
  • Answer: Lincoln 216 has a gas shielded feature by which I can weld 1/2”.
  • Question 2 : Is this welding machine Lincoln 50/60 HZ?
  • Answer: You have two functions as 208/230/1/60 and 220/1/50 both works as input voltage function.

Lincoln Electric Power MIG 216 is like by many industry welders. Its top-rated MIG welder in the market and the industry user most like to use it. High voltage power and weight best fit for industrial work. Price of Lincoln 216 is the best for investment. So can be recovered through its light features. Advance technology and useful accessories make your job easier. I find the welder as quality and feature item. It works strongly on metal and aluminum. It's never dissatisfying me. By using, you will be satisfied.

I suggest you, Lincoln 216 is very handsome MIG welder for your Industrial job. If you think about your budget, then I want to say, Lincoln provides an exceptional level of advanced technologies. High technology installs purpose, Lincoln invest extra capital. So when you buy, you get everything in one welder. I hope Price will not be an issue for you selection best welder. I recommend from my experience, Buy Lincoln 216 for your industry or farm and make your welding profession simply lightful.

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don - July 8, 2020

welds beautiful, the best bead I have used in a Mig Welder. you do mig like tig quite easily. highly recommend it.


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