Lincoln Electric Power MIG210 Mp #K3963-1 Review

Form the many competitors in the market, Lincoln provide good quality MIG welder. Lincoln develops Lincoln Electric Power MIG210 Mp #K3963-1. It’s a multi-tasked welder machine for every sector of users. By home user or professional task, Lincoln electric welders are essential parts. The user able to use with different tools and accessories such as a stick, flux core, and many more items.

Lincoln comes to the market from 100 years ago. They provide best category tools and service for people service. When they start to produce MIG welder, they also come to the competition line for their quality. In Lincoln power MIG 210 you will get most features and easy to install. The operation section is smooth because it has dual voltage power system 120v or 230v.

So you can plug it from your home or auto body main electric line. The multi process welder of K3963-1 has a great color feature where you can get a display guide chart. It helps you to handle the machine. Easy to use and handling with most features like by many users.

Product Description

Lincoln welders have built great tools and accessories. By purchasing of Lincoln 210 you will find some necessary tools for your easy install the Lincoln welding machine. In the box you will get:

  • MIG Stick
  • Flux cored (self and gas shield) (0.6mm)
  • Electrode DC TIG Support Stick
  • push and turn control system by the large color display guide
  • Enable TIG technology
  • Adjustable gas regulator with hose gas and gasless nozzle
  • Spindle adapter sample 2lb
  • Mild steel Lincoln wire welder sample 1lb
  • sample 1lb
  • Spool inner shield 211MP
  • Contact Tips

Product Specification

  • Input Power supply 120v to 230v
  • Dimension: 19*10.8*14 inches
  • Only 40 lb or 62 Pounds
  • Replacement screen shield
  • 3 years warranty

The Category of Users like the Lincoln Power MIG 210MP

  • Hobbyist
  • Educator
  • Small contractor
  • Beginner

Key Feature of Lincoln Electric Power MIG210 Mp #K3963-1

Lincoln power MIG210 MP known for its best electrode power service. You able to run the MIG welder from your home electric line. It uses 120v to 230v which is a good match at your general line and promotes smooth weld performance. For this feature is known as Lincoln power MIG. To buy the best MIG welder for your smart uses, look at the features that help to grow your welding profession

1. No Experience need for Welding Job

To minimize your welding difficulty, a handy MIG welder brings by Lincoln MIG welder by their Model #K3963-1. MIG welding is not easier for everyone. But in the welder, where you have not to worry about your experience matter. Just buy, read the guide manual, set up and get ready to use. From my perspective, I find the power MIG210 MP as user-friendly.

2. Digital Control system

My first review comes to your easy understand that you get a digital control panel display. You able to switch on and off as per your requirement. When see your welder gone to overheat , turn off the switch. A large display enables your smart controlling power.

3. Multi-Process MIG welder

In the Lincoln 210 MP, it is known as a multi-process tool. For your best use, you get 120v to the 230v input power supply. So you can use the welder from your home and another place.

4. Powered By Lincoln Electric

Lincoln is a well-reputed industry who offer the best service in different sectors. For their MIG welder, they use

 Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210 Mp #K3963-1

5. Portable MIG welder

You can carry in yourself , Lincoln Power MIG210 Mp #K3963-1 is only 62 pounds. So you able to use and transport easily.

6. MIG welder Performance

From the input, you get 120v to 230v and from the output, you get 210MP power. It makes your welding performance great level. You able to do by 210MP power as:

  • By MIG: You able to weld your steel, stainless steel or aluminum easily. By 210 Mp power, you can weld 5/16 inches mild result on steel. For aluminum, it can be mild up to 3/16 inches
  • DC Stick: Direct Current Stick give you 5/32 inches to service with the Lincoln feature Electrode DC Support Stick 
  • DC TIG: Lincoln include TIG Technology. For starting the machine, you need to touch DC TIG and start your welding.

Form the features part, I like Lincoln 210Mp MIG welder. Its really popular product in the USA and other countries. But Lincoln welders for sale price level is little high range. Price is much higher rather than another MIG welder. If you need smart technology and quality build MIG welder, then make a budget plan and makes your job simple.

Good Sides:

  • Easy to carry and transport only 62 pounds weight.
  • Multi voltage system, 120v – 230 v, with 210pm output.
  • Digital Control system makes every level of users great handling facility.
  • Large color display guide for your smart set up.
  • Advance Technology made like – MIG, TIG , DC Stick, Flux core gas shield and many more.
  • Foot Pedal includes an additional feature.


  • Lincoln Power MIG 210Mp doesn’t work for AC TIG welding on Aluminum
  • Foot pedal plug install looks like to difficult.
  • The touch DC TIG offer low amperage power with lift arc. Proper power does not get constantly.
  • Price of Lincoln 210Mp is much higher and not affordable for all level of the user.


  • 1.Question: Can you TIG weld aluminum with this Machine?
  • Answer: No, it’s a DC made a tool, which weld by TIG Technology for Aluminum welding. AC function does not work for aluminum welding.
  • 1.Question: Is the welder made of plastic or metal?
  • Answer: Good question, full MIG welder use plastic and metal. Plastic use in the bezel around from front to back side. The metal used indoor to top and side of the welder.
  • 3. Question: Does it post flow for TIG? Can you hook up a foot controller for TIG?
  • Answer : In this welder, you get parameter for wire speed and amperage at 210mp to make thick your metal. MIG is better to use for steel weld and the set up of MIG is much easier. But I didn’t get any TIG. For foot control, you need to buy an adapter kit as additional for your use.


In the circumstance, Lincoln Electric Power MIG210 Mp #K3963-1 has great feature and quality sides. You like to use for your best welding service. I know the price of the Lincoln Power MIG 210MP is a little higher range. One side where you get everything like – light features, quality instruments and advanced technology, best support on steel and aluminum welding, multi-process and dual volt power system.

Another side, where you get little drawbacks like foot pedal installation difficulty and high price level. In my views, I used it several years. It gives me optimum welding result. If you think about your budget then make a plan and access it. I am sure your investment not gone to waste. Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210mp is a delightful Welder and it makes your welding life colorful. I recommend to you, buy it and start a new experience.

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