Longevity Migweld 140 140 Amp Mig welder review

Longevity Migweld 140-140 Amp Mig welder develops with many quality which attracts users. Most of the welders like Longevity welder 140 for great portability and low budget. More than they like for its 110v input power which undoubtfully works from home electric line. Beside with mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum it uses as 140 amp MIG welder. So you able to weld 3/8 inches mild your steel item.

Longevity 140 built with outstanding features. From the user's concern, it will make your job perfect. The welder supports function of gas and uses flux core gasless shield for best weld performance. If you are looking for a welder for your home or farm, easy to port and low budget tool, then Longevity MIG 140 welder is really suitable for your demand. Only 54 pounds enable to handle easy.

Attractive low price for the beginners first choice. From your research apart from Best 110V MIG Welders, Lincoln 140 is ideal for selection. A smart welder gives you an optimum level of service and you would become professional welder soon!

Product Description:

Longevity welder includes some tools and accessories for your effortless setup. There are some useful accessories provide by MIG140, so you can install within a minutes. In the product where you get:

  • Part No: 880131
  • Dimension: 16*14.5*9.6 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 54 Pounds
  • Installation Method: MIG Welding
  • Power: Input 110v and Output 140a

Product Accessories

  • Spool gun for aluminum, 11lb
  • Power cord for 110v support
  • Gas or Gasless as Flux core wire service.
  • Hammer and Steel Brush
  • MIG torch and Contact Tips
  • Welding mask

Like by Longevity MIG welder:

  • Beginner
  • Professional
  • Occasional Use
  • Home user – beginner or DIY
  • Auto Body
  • Furniture Shop
  • BBQ hole
  • Construction heavy project
  • Small project for DIY

Best MIG welder choice for Beginners:

If you are starting welder profession, then I want to high lite some features significantly so you can pick best MIG welder:

1. Easy to Set UP: Many beginners of welder overthinking about this issue. Longevity comes to release their tension. After buying the tool, just need few minutes to set up. Accessories like to easy install for MIG welding. For more information, you can learn from video.

2. Lightweight item to the Portable facility: Only 54 pounds so easy carry self. Also handy for porting anywhere

3. Price is very reasonable to find:  If you compare with another brand MIG Welder than you come to choice Longevity 140 MIG welder without any confusion.

4. Quality and Performance: To inform about the quality function, you will like to select the welder. Longevity MIG 140 built in China. Flux core wire 0.030 to 0.035 best for aluminum and MIG wire has 0.025 to 0.030 for your best feed in steel. More than a Gas regulator and ground clamp, A MIG gun and much more quality feature charms you to select pro MIG 140.

5. Domestic Power Support: Only need 110v to run the welder. Most the user like to use for the domestic purpose. Best MIG welder for domestic welding-related tasks.

6. 5 Years Warranty: You don’t need to worry about its durability. You will offer your beginner welding life 5 years warranty in Longevity 140.

I like to introduce Longevity 140 MIG for your easy selection if you are at the Beginner level of the welder. Best suitable price and quality helps to identify your best MIG welder.

Longevity Migweld 140-140 Amp110v Longevity Mig welder

Features of  Longevity Migweld 140-140 Amp Mig welder

Most of the users like Longevity MIG 140 as beginners MIG welder. There are some features for both beginner and professional welder.

Duty Cycle Produce at 20%

140 amp great work and make 20% duty cycle when it runs 25-140amp. At 90am it produces 20% duty cycle.

TWECO Style Connector

Longevity built with TWECO made technology with MIG torch. So you can interchange with a torch with guns.

Welding Performance

You can run the welder at 110v input and 140a output. So you can temper steel easily at 3/8 inches. More than it’s an Arc built technology, which gives you smooth weld performance on both steel and aluminum. With the spool gun of flux core wire you able to do the aluminum job in a perfect way.

Value of Money

Longevity MIG 140 is top rated best product in the USA. China made welder has a great reputation and well known for its best quality and attractive price. Professional likes to use for farm, store and auto body related welding job. Beginners like to use for their home and DIY projects. Handy, smart MIG welder comes as value for money.

Hobbyist and Professional Tool

With its great feature and charming price, hobbyist and professional like to use for the small and heavy project. Spool gun, Gas regulator, gasless flux core and many more feature which outcome result in great works on steel or aluminum. Professional likes to buy Longevity 140 for versatile works, feature and low price. So if you are searching such welder for your industry or farm, then you can avail it.

Good Sides

  • Easy to set up within minutes
  • Easy to port anywhere and self to port
  • Best fit on domestic outlet
  • Overload protection system enables
  • Advance technology installed welder for smooth welding result
  • 20% duty Cycle provide at 90amp
  • Good to use – home, furniture , shop , farm, BBQ shop etc.


  • For the industrial purpose, its give low output. 110v not suitable for heavy industrial fabrication. Though you can use it if you have small industry.
  • Longevity offer 5 years warranty. But for labor and parts, you will get only 3 years support. But overall function works better as my welding experience.


  • 1.Question: where can I get more tips for the MIG gun?
  • Answer: Any shop places where sell welding supplies.
  • 2.Question: Can you use it for aluminum welding?
  • Answer: Yes , you able to do aluminum welding. You need to heat the wire for aluminum. For this pure argon gas need as 0.035 inches wide wire.

Final Thought 

From the different MIG welders, I like Longevity Migweld 140-140 Amp Mig welder for its outstanding feature, quality, and versatile use. Top rated welder known 140 MIG. More than the beginners want to start their welding career through the Longevity. The smart feature, suitable price range with remarkable quality and accessories like by many welders. I like it for many days and I become a fan of Longevity 140 MIG welder. I like to say you, Buy a great feature MIG welder at your reasonable price and develop your career as a successful MIG welder.

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