Lotos MIG 140 140 Amp Mig Wire Welder review

Lotos  MIG 140 140Amp Mig Wire Welder is one of the greatest tools from MIG welder. Lotos MIG 140 is built with many quality sides. Input 110/120v need to run the machine. So most of the user like to use. 140 amp MIG welder output which helps your work which ensures your better weld performance. The input and output power combination can workable for your best welder for home use.

Like another brand where 30-250 Amperage power use for maxing out work. In this Lotos 140, where you will get strong power source of supply. Beside this, you can wash the welder machine by water. Red color made Lotos 140 which looks attracting.

The Lotos welder is very useful for home improvement and small projects. Lotos is one of the best welders in my views which is user-friendly and eco too. Advance technology and extra features make it top rated among 110v welder. Most of the users like to start their welder profession with Lotos 140. Its relatively low budget, a quality measure, and great accessories for all welder choice. Before buy MIG welder, you have to look out your welder parts and accessories. Lotos 140 includes useful accessories and kits that help to your easy install and handle the machine.

  • Color: Red
  • Weight: 54 pounds
  • Style: MIG
  • Part No: MIG 140
  • Voltage: 110v input
  • Amperage: 140a output
  • Circuit breaker: 30a
  • Height and width: 9.6” and 14.5”
  • Include Component: Hose
  • Air Flow: 0.42
  • Power Source: AC
  • 2 Digital Display for adjusting control speed
  • 2T/4T switch
  • 1 Year warranty

The user Like to use Lotos 140 MIG welder:

  • DIY
  • Beginner
  • Professional
  • Learners

Lotos 140 Reason to choice:

Lotos 140 welder reviews top at the completion. The user likes to buy the welder for several reasons:

  • Low Budget tool, where most user like it as cheap welders with the best quality
  • Easy to set up – need 10 minutes to set up
  • DIY and professional choice
  • Light Weight – only 54 pounds to handle and port
  • 110v input best fit at home electric line
  • 30A circuit breaker that keeps user safe from any disaster
  • Aluminum wire feeder add to making it more resistant

Features Lotos MIG 140 140Amp Mig Wire Welder 

There are outstanding features made by Lotos MIG 140 in their welding machine. Let's see the feature part:

1. Portability and Flexibility

Lotos 140 is best MIG welder for the learners for grow up experience. 54 pounds easy to port and 110v suit any electric power system. More than 10 minutes , beginner welder can easily set up the machine.

2. Digital switchboard

Use in Lotos MIG 140. By 2T/4T switch that adjusts MIG welder and wire feed at the same time and makes good power. If you use this, you can easily customize this machine and tools.

3. Automatic Wire Feeder

Lotos 14 has ranges size 0.025 to 0.30 inches solid wire, 0.30 to 0.35 inches Flux cord and 0.023 to 0.035 inches spool wire sizes. That best work on aluminum wire feed.

4. This brand named as CRC’s 3

It is used for weld check system. It’s a non-destructive test of the metal surface. Here use liquid for the testing weld performance.

5. Thermal Overload Protection

Smart technology made Lotos has thermal overload conscious. 30A circuit breaker keeps you safe from short circuit. More than 140a works better and control power system. So you able to keep safe by Lotos 140 technology. It can control heating temperature when you use a long time. The digital control board gives you notification about overload heating.

6. 2T/4T Switch

Beside 2T/4T switch helps to control your self. You able to control welding voltage system through the switch. Digital Display helps to ensure your welding behavior result. For this feature, its known as Best MIG Welders for Beginners. They can use the welder without any stress.

7. Dual Function Made

The MIG welder 140 has two strong functions. It makes Lotos welding performance for wide usage. They are:

  • Gas Shielding MIG welding: best fit on steel and metal.
  • Self-shielded Flux Core Welding: with new Aluminum wire feeder access for great control and weld performance.

8. Include Accessories for welding

By purchasing Lotos MIG 140, you will get spare welding mask, Argon Gas Regulator MIG Torch, Gas Hose, 2 spool feed wire. All attractive useful tools get in small MIG welder.

At the beginning of my welding life, I attract Lotos for it as cheap MIG welder. later I find its work better and make my job simple. Here I want to focus my experience view that will help to know about Lotos different perspective:

Pros :

  • 10 minutes can set up
  • 110v input that great to use at home
  • Digital Display for beginner and professional easy to control
  • Automatic wire feeder
  • 30a circuit breaker for safety
  • Portability facility
  • Attractive price range
  • 1-year warranty


  • Gas Cylinder does not include the item. You need to buy gas cylinder as an additional item.
  • Lotos 140 not supported generator.


  • 1.Question: Does it accept Flux core 10lb?
  • Answer: Yes. It can be feet with a wire feeder. 
  • 2.Question: The Lotos 140 says a gas regulator add? Really? 
  • Answer: Yes, you will get a gas regulator inside the box.
  • 3.Question: Will this weld 16g grease duct?
  • Answer: Yes, it can weld on rolled steel up to 16g. 

Reviewer's Thoughts 

In the circumstance, Lotos  MIG 140 140Amp Mig Wire Welder is one of the best welding machines for every level of welders, especially for the beginners. 110v MIG welder gives you the joy to handle. For your transferee welding, extra advance technology offer, so you can do your job in a right way.

Digital display, aluminum wire feeder, CRC’3 function and 2T/4T has a great feature added to best welding service. When I use, it's like a friend to me. I like it for an attractive price with features. My beginning welding career developed under Lotos MIG 140. I like the tool. From my experience corner, you can start up your weld profession with it and use the feature to make your job shortly beautiful.

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