Lotos Mig175 175Amp Mig Welder Review

Lotos Mig175 175Amp Mig Welder is one of the best MIG welders among them. Its named as MIG 175 for its 175amp output performance. We like to live with update features. Features we developed by different tools and technologies. MIG welder is one of the smart home improvement tools in the features. 

You can set up small MIG welder in your home and industry. There are two spool guns, 4 and 6 (inches). The standard size of reels which ensure your set up process in 10 minutes. More than you will get with welder argon regulator, face shield, MIG kit torch which can 8 feet up to expandable. The 220v welder power system designed with auto short circuit protection. There are two circuits function added inside the feeder motor.

Also, MIG 175 is good heat controlled MIG welding machine with overload breaker. Really perfect welder for fabrication and small project tool. All in one welder where you will get every feature for your best welding performance. The top rated feature is the best welder for home use.

Product Description

  • Part No: MIG 175
  • Color: Red
  • Weight: 85 pounds
  • Material: Metal and Plastic made
  • Power Source: DC Arc built (Direct Current)
  • Style: Spool Gun Included
  • Input Power: 220 voltage
  • Output Power: 175 amperage
  • Welding Capacity: 18 gauge at 1/4”

The Reason why User Like to Use Lotos 175 MIG Welder:

  • Home Improvement
  • Industrial welding – Auto body parts – Farms
  • Light fabrication and heavy project MIG
  • Steel, stainless steel can be welding 18 gauge up to 1/4” use 25% CO2 and 75% Argon gas
  • Aluminum wire feed welder option with dry and oil free argon gas support
  • Two Trigger Option: The user can release gas before set Arc DC to weld.
  • Three Seconds Please: Only 3 seconds need to break so start well to give output weld result.
  • Ten Minutes Installation: For user easy installation there are some useful accessories provide in 220v MIG welder.
  • Wire feed spool Gun
  • Standard size reels
  • Argon Regulator
  • Face shield and welding torch 8 ft long
  • Gas Hose
  • Clearing brushes torch and spool gun
  • MIG Torch
  • Ground clamp and cable wire

So just need ten minutes ! you have so many tools and accessories for setting and get ready to weld in your style.


Awesome Features of  Lotos Mig175 175Amp Mig Welder

Lotos has a reputation in their MIG welder which has top welder reviews. The welder built many special feature item for easy use to the welder. There is some attracting feature offer which makes Lotos 175 as the Best 220V MIG Welders:

  • Arc Built Strong DC Technology

A promising DC made Arc technology ensure your welding job easier. Lotos includes new DC made arc which does not work as a traditional welder. So it keeps your workflow consistent.

  • Spool Gun Ready

To buy a MIG welder, Lotos offer ready spool gun. It has flux core wire and argon gas for MIG welding wire feeding. With the welder, you can do your job simple way.

  • Aluminum Welding

The adjustable wire with the argon gas and flux core make a combination. The aluminum function depends on MIG welding gas and spool gun. It helps to MIG welding aluminum and wire feed adjusted. The spool gun can weld 4 to 6 inches any metal and aluminum.

  • Dual Duty Cycle

In generally, 175 amp give strong output service for welding. Beside it produce 30% duty cycle at 135amp. When it works as 175amp, you will get 20% duty cycle.

  • Infinite Voltage

One of the best welding machine which operates 200-240v, as the dual frequency that has 50/60HZ. In Lotos 175, standard infinite 220v measure for weld performance. The best welder that handy to use every place with infinite voltage power.

  • Steel Welding Performance

For steel, metal welding, it uses clean 25% CO2 use with 75% Argon as gas for steel mild. The 100% combination make ideal steel welding result.

  • Portable MIG welder

Though 85 pounds is looking heavier to carry by one, it can be transported facility. It can be move with simplicity. Most of the industry like to use the Lotos 175.

  • Overload Protection

One of the best home welders and top rated by the welders. Most of the MIG welder reviews it proved that they like Lotos MIG welder for overload protection. DIY, Professional like a protective welder which easy to use and handling. Smart temperature control system keeps not only your machine cooler but also the welder safe.

Good Sides

  • Cheap MIG welder: Most user like to feature.
  • Best cheap MIG welder: with comparing with different model MIG, its top rated and best sell at market for its cheap price.
  • Best MIG welder for home use: Infinite voltage power fit in your home electric power supply. DIY, a beginner like to use for their small project too.
  • Small welder: Looks smart, smaller and portable feature that attract the most welder to buy.
  • 18 Gauge steel weld performance at ¼”
  • Dual duty cycle offers as 20% at 175a and 30% at 135a. so you get 70% up power efficiency.
  • Updated DC Arc made Lotos MIG welder
  • Two automatic circuit protection which designed at feeder motor.


  • Shipping only do in the USA
  • DIY buying guide not provide
  • 85 pounds do not look familiar for all – they need to use transport.


Question 1) Is this unit made in the USA?

Answer : No, it’s an import item.

Question 2) Can it be used without gas?

Answer : Yes, you need to set flux core wire and start gas free weld at metal, wood etc.

Question 3) Does It, take 240v?

Answer : I use the welder and get 220v power.

Reviewer's Thoughts

In the last word, Lotos Mig175 175Amp Mig Welder is one of the best MIG welders in the home. It does not measure its cheap price. Most feature added with accessories for easy install. Yes-only 10 minutes you able to set as yourself. More than it’s a handy tool for your DIY or Professional project.

I buy Lotos 175 three months back. I find the tools as user-friendly. It never gives me any objection. Moreover, I find two circuit protection which keeps me safe during welding. I became a fan of Lotos 175! I recommend to you, buy the suitable and strong feature made welder for your job. From my experience view, I tell you, it will never disappoint your weld performance. Buy it, start welding and feel become a smart welder.

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