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Metal Inert Gas that is known as MIG, which is we used for welding on tools or object to utilizes an electric arc. It’s between a wire electrode and metal or steel. It’s the result of metal to melt and join together. A MIG is a combination job provider by wire electrode; a shielding gas works to shape or design the metal from contaminants in the air. So all user recommend following MIG Welding safety manual. Some suggestion gives in below:

Fix Welding Environment

To fix your welding atmosphere. Looks out every corner, accumulate safety features like a gas cylinder for fire exhauster and don’t forget to use a distance from your object. In generally, welding is a simple task, but sometimes, some mistakes, it can stand big trouble as well as personal injury. So we recommend some safety tips for your better performance in the environment. What should need to gather or include in the background?

  • Check your welder performance, either it's run well in regular power supply neither it is not running.
  • Check frequency task by machine.
  • Looks over a welder internal parts like, valve, battery performance, torque system enable at dark mode or not, measuring wire cable status, machine gun function status.
  • Before every weld, don’t pressure on the machine too much by hours after hours running, take rest and work after a break.
  • Fix welder temperature under the weather condition.
  • Looks after your device baled that has a right form that gets you ideal shape, so every cut before, pointed in the correct position that you understand you to recommend configuration.
  • Use flux core electrode wire which not as thinner that can burn after while a running.
  • Keep away any oil barrel far from the room.
  • Use gas protect as fire exhauster to recover any lousy circumstance
  • To avoid above fire problem, recheck your plug-in, that help you to avoid a miserable moment.

Suggestion Tips for staying safe

Personal Safety for Welding: To get welding safety, you can use a combination of a welding helmet, long sleeve cotton clothing, and gloves. The type of headgear you can pick that depend on your welding position, process, and length of time welding. Also, measure sensor has that keep your eyes safer. The high quality and higher stands helmets offer significant upgrades in comfort, safety, and adaptation that make them suitable investments for a lifetime.

welding safety

Fire: By welder, your metal molten in quick session. The sparks produced from grinding. Make sure you one thing when removing any paper, plastic or sawdust out from your workplace. Its smoke and potentially may catch fire. Remove any flammable items from the welding area, and this keep liquids for sparks remove.

Protect Your Feet: Your feet matter as much as your hands when it comes to welding. You can quickly drop molten material from the welding process on your feet and receive a severe burn. Don't ever weld by wearing open-toed shoes. The toes-shoes used for mesh job on top. Better to use a synthetic material. The synthetic material tends to melt and adhere to your skin, causing you serious injury — the best choice to wear footwear during welding which is a leather shoe or boot.

Protect Your Hands: For TIG welding, we advise you to wear a thin pair of gloves, so you smoother. For MIG welding, it doesn't matter if you opt for a couple of thin gloves. For MIG welding, must focus the tings for your safety. Besides you can wear gloves and leathers the on the body to protect self from the molten metal that comes off you. Leathers shield to keep your skin safe from heat and from the UV light that produced from welding. If you don't wear leathers, must wear cotton cloth. Polyester and rayon types may tend to melt by hot thing if a touch on the body. By using synthetics, the fabric won't melt, keep your skin safe.

welding safety

MIG Welding Safety Recommendation:

Here we suggest two areas to focus must for safe welding:

                                 1.Wire Feeder
                                 2. Shielding Gases

In the wire feeder, you find three safety issues. The first is when you stop welding; the electrode stick-out has a bit of moisture by hot molten metal. It can easily stick by a welding glove and into the hand welder. You need to be careful during molten the humidity that is ready to be feed into your hand. The second thing of feeder, the wire can result in shock when changing cable by mistakenly pressing the trigger. Finally, the wire feeder can get the trigger pressed by mistake, or the auto-feed feature when enabled. This result happens by wire feeder doing its job while feeding gas, filler metal, and electricity to whatever is nearby.


  • MIG welding has common safety issues compared to other modules. Some safety concerns more than getting It burnt to death without any warning.
  • necessary safety equipment needed is as follows:Welding Helmet must be a shade between 10 or 11 lenses. It depends on the voltage welded that protect your eyes from UV radiation.
  • Safety Glasses protect your eyes from dangerous sparks, and flying spatter.
  • Leather gloves insulate you from electrical shock and burns from heat and sparks. By welding gloves, a reflective coating to deal with the excitement of heavy welding case.
  • Long pants and sleeves that made of cotton, leather, or made from fire retardant material to protect your skin from UV rays and hot metals.
  • Leather boots protect user feet from any sparks and molten metal that will fall.
  • Excellent ventilation will remove the shielding gasses but not take them away from the weld area.

In summary to say, by following the welding safety features, you become safe and do your job as perfects you recommend. So follow the tips and make your welding profession handier.

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